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Benjamin Perry Commits To Louisville Football

Cort Dennison beats out a red hot Minnesota program for the Safety/Outside Linebacker from Chicago.

Notre Dame v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Mother’s Day was good to Louisville’s football staff as they landed Benjamin Perry out of Chicago. Perry is a 3-star safety at the high school level but projects as an outside linebacker for the Cards. Cort Dennison led the way in his recruitment and he was able to beat out Minnesota and Michigan State down the stretch to secure his commitment.

Perry’s offer list also includes Nebraska, Purdue, BC, Cincy, IU, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa State. He finished last season with 75 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 4 pbus, 2 forced fumbles, and 9 interceptions. His deep coverage skills are outstanding and that should really help him if he ends up at the “Card” spot like he’s expected. That position needs versatile players and Perry shouldn’t have any issue playing in space or covering tight ends and slot guys.

What really stands out about Perry is his frame. He has long limbs and broad shoulders and I think he’ll add plenty of weight to his 6-3/195 frame. He’s a strong athlete and it shows on his highlights but that potential to grow into the type of size that you need to play at this level is key. Louisville’s defense is built on speed and aggression and they need a higher level of athleticism going forward. Being able to get a guy that fits as an athlete and should also be able to get to 215-225 pounds while still being that type of athlete is great. Victione Brown and Bralyn Oliver also fit that mold.

Louisville is rumored to be in good shape with a few more targets at this moment. When those guys decide to pull the trigger is anyone’s guess but I would be surprised if they don’t have more good news in the next week. Defense will continue to be where that news comes from but I wouldn’t be shocked if they hear something at quarterback or wide receiver pretty soon.