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It appears Louisville and Cincinnati have scheduled a November basketball game

Rivalry resumed?

Cincinnati v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Ever since Louisville joined the ACC in 2014-15, an offseason topic of discussion amongst the Cardinal fan base has been whether or not U of L should get longtime rival Cincinnati back on the schedule for men’s basketball and/or football.

It appears Chris Mack and UC head coach John Brannen have taken matters into their own hands.

So there it is: Louisville at Cincinnati on Friday, Nov. 13.

This was almost certainly worked out between the two schools before this back and forth between the head coaches — this Twitter “scheduling” routine has been done by coaches a few times before in recent years — but I still thoroughly enjoyed the unveiling.

While I’m certainly excited about seeing the old rivals from the North back on the schedule, there was a part of me that loved our most recent meetings with UC being Teddy Bridgewater’s heroics inside Nippert Stadium and Russ Smith’s last-second game-winner inside Fifth-Third. I would have been more than ok with those remaining the rivalry’s two lasting images in perpetuity.

Cincinnati is Louisville’s most-played opponent in men’s basketball, with the Cardinals leading the all-time series, 53-43. Mack also has a fairly lengthy history with the Bearcats, going 6-3 against UC during his time as the head coach of arch-rival Xavier.

There’s only one way to end this ...

See you in November, Cincy.