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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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The CCBM is on crazy pills in a suddenly empty Las Vegas.

—David Johnson is No. 58, Jordan Nwora is No. 63 and Jay Scrubb is No. 85 on Sam Vecenie’s latest top 100 NBA draft big board (Athletic link) for 2020.

—The Sporting News ranks the 68 greatest college basketball players of the expanded NCAA tournament era. Pervis Ellison (No. 55) is the only Cardinal who makes the cut.

—No on or off campus recruiting until at least June 1 now.

A lot of transfers are going to have to commit to programs before ever setting foot on their new school’s campus.

—For the first time since World War II caused the event not to be played in 1945, Wimbledon has been canceled.

—Virginia Tech’s Isaiah Wilkins is transparent about the fact that his transfer wasn’t really his decision, which is the case with so many of the players in the portal. While so many focus on the “transfer epidemic” and the “kids these days” storyline, not enough acknowledge the fact that so many of these players are told at their season-ending meeting with their head coach some variation of “you’re welcome to stay if you want, but you don’t really fit our system and you should probably head elsewhere if you want any playing time.”

—Malik Williams 2019-20 highlights:

Catching up with Louisville track standout Addie Wanner.

—Former Louisville tight end Gary Barnidge is being credited with helping to steer free agent Austin Hooper to the Browns.

—The NCAA has confirmed that despite the cancellation of the 2020 ACC Tournament and the 2020 NCAA tournament, Georgia Tech has served its 2020 postseason ban and it won’t be pushed to 2021. The Yellow Jackets dropping their appeal the week before the ACC tournament suddenly looks like an all-time great move.

—Shaq’s kitchen is the hottest club in America right now.

—College hoops is still in a state of disarray thanks to the NCAA’s lethargy.

—Rick Bozich’s notebook for WDRB talks about, among other things, Las Vegas’ lack of respect for Louisville football.

—The birthday bracket championship is Jan. 17 (which includes Muhammad Ali) vs. Dec. 18.

—Utterback is a hero and these people are the absolute worst.

—A nine-game season and a spring season with the College Football Playoff in May are two of the options already being discussed if this pandemic stretches into the fall and forces the cancellation of college football.

—Tom Brady has moved into Derek Jeter’s old house in Tampa Bay.

—The U of L Golf Club is in the final four of this vote to determine the best private golf club in Kentucky.

—TuTu Atwell: The most efficient wide receiver in college football.

—U of L women’s soccer star Emina Ekic’s upcoming stint with the U23 National Team has been canceled.

—Will Wade is so clearly guilty it’s not even funny.

—How Michigan State has avoided being painted with the “everything that’s wrong with college athletics” brush remains mystifying.

—Kentucky schools will now remain closed through at least May 1.

—More short-term changes in college sports may be needed due to coronavirus, new survey of FBS athletics directors indicates.

—Rhode Island transfer Tyrese Martin’s new list — UConn, Georgia, Oregon, Ole Mis and Seton Hall — does not include Louisville.

—This year hasn’t been all bad.

—In news that further illustrates the fact that we’re all living in a simulation, DePaul and Dave Leitao have agreed to a multi-year contract extension.

—Champion Louisville boxer Carlos Dixon is now patiently waiting for his next chance to defend his title.

—The latest NBA mock draft from Sports Illustrated has Jordan Nwora gong with the first pick of the second round.

—Hailey Van Lith is going to be a superstar in the Derby City.

—After a breakout sophomore season, Louisville QB Micale Cunningham is back home in Alabama working towards and even more productive junior year.

—The latest episode of the Louisville Bats podcast features Nick Curran talking Spring Training, technology in baseball, and Tiger King with Bats bench coach Kevin Mahar.

—Dayton’s Anthony Grant is the Naismith Coach of the Year.

—Danielle Lerner conducts an exit interview with Fresh Kimble.

The last time you played in March Madness was your freshman year (at Saint Joseph’s). What were you looking forward to about having that experience again?

That’s why I came to Louisville, for that decision right there. To know I was gonna have a chance to make the tournament, to do something special with a special group of guys and make an impact in any way. Missing that opportunity was definitely tough for me, as was missing my guys just knowing I’m going to be away from my teammates and the whole grind we put in since the summertime. Some things you just gotta get over and live through, and this one of those things.

What did you learn from your year at Louisville?

I learned a lot. One of the things my ma always said is, I learned I didn’t know enough. I thought that coming through as a grad transfer and already having some experience, you would think I already knew everything. But I learned how to take care of my body, how to go about my work, which is basketball, every day and how to be a better man on and off the court.

Was there anything that surprised you?

Nah, nothing much. The most surprising thing was the city. I love the city of Louisville, the fans and the love and support they’ve shown since Day 1. I didn’t really expect that, and that was incredible.

—Dana Evans says she went “numb” when she found out Louisville’s season was coming to a premature end.

—And finally, stay safe and stay home, Cardinal fans.