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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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The Card Chronicle Quarantine Tour rolls on with “Princess CCBM” running the show.

—It’s officially the “anonymous scout” portion of the NFL draft lead up, and one made news on Thursday for criticizing Mekhi Becton’s love of cooking.

—Mike Prada ranks the 16 best teams who were “robbed” of an NBA title.

—Jay Scrubb’s dad has seen the criticism from NBA draft experts. Not only does he not agree with them, he believes his son is better than likely No. 1 pick Anthony Edwards.

No, Jason Scrubb said, the pressure is not on his son.

The pressure is on the NBA to get their evaluation of Jay Scrubb correct.

Do not be a team that makes a safe first-round pick and risks the embarrassment of having to explain why you passed on Scrubb after he develops into one of the best pro guards.

But, Mr. Scrubb: There hasn’t been a junior college player taken in the NBA Draft in 16 years?

“So,” Jason Scrubb said. “There hasn’t been a Jay Scrubb before.”


“I hate to sound like that,” he said. “But that’s OK that it hasn’t happened …

“Jay is special. I’m not just saying that because he’s my son. He just is. He’s a legit 6 foot 6 who can play any position. He’s strong with either hand. He’s not where he is for no reason.”

—Don’t fall for a text scam that says you’ve come in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

—The 2020 Forecastle Festival has officially been canceled.

—My instincts to completely ignore everything about Quibi appear to have been correct.

—Seth Davis writes for The Athletic that the NCAA needs to make major changes to dissuade players from going pro.

—This dude was so, so good.

—Top-rated class of 2020 hoops prospect Jalen Green is skipping college to spend his one season after high school in the G-League.

—A look at the five teams most likely to select Mekhi Becton at next week’s NFL draft.

—Great tempo here. Not a lot of dribbling to beat the press. Nun and Gun.

—With the “G-League Select” program, the NBA has created what amounts to a one-and-done academy for elite prospects.

—Hayes Gardner of the CJ looks at the WNBA draft stock of Jazmine Jones and Kyle Shook.

—It’s been quite the week for Vince McMahon.

—Thursday loungin’.

—U of L women’s soccer midfielder Nadege L’Esperance is looking forward to getting back on the field with her teammates.

—The coronavirus has pretty much frozen the college basketball coaching carousel.

—On a related note ... ahem ... Wake Forest star Chaundee Brown is either headed to the NBA or he’s transferring.

—Five-star class of 2021 shooting guard Matthew Cleveland “trimmed” his list of schools from 18 to 16. Louisville remains on that list.

—A Getty photographer heads to a quiet and cleared out Augusta a year after he said he captured “the one.”

—The Louisville men’s soccer team has announced two new signings.

—Four-star Louisville RB target Corey Kiner says that he’ll announce his college decision on July 4, regardless of whether or not he’s been able to take all of his visits.

—Kylee Shook serves up a parting message to Louisville fans.

—On a conference call with vice president Mike Pence on Wednesday, college conference commissioners were clear that there won’t be games of any sort until at least the point where students are back on campus.

—Georgia cornerback Javon Bullard has been re-offered by Louisville.

—Best news of the month.

—USC quarterback JT Daniels has put his name in the NCAA transfer portal.

—The CJ lists 12 male high school athletes from the Louisville area they’ll miss watching this spring.

—D-I coaches in all sports will be allowed more virtual connection with their teams beginning Monday, Apr. 20 and continuing through May 31.

—Just like we all do.

—It’s looking more and more like the time of year won’t be the only thing different about the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

—With 11 days to go until the deadline, 117 D-I underclassmen have declared themselves eligible for the NBA draft. Last year, that number rested at 175.

—And finally, we finished “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” on Netflix, and honestly the most infuriating part of an infuriating doc series was the complete lack of consistency in how everyone pronounced the last names of the two main subjects. I couldn’t focus on anything else.

I also can’t give it the official Card Chronicle Quarantine Recommendation because I wasn’t the biggest fan.