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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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The CCBM is only leaving the house for grocery trips these days.

—The over/under for Mekhi Becton’s draft position is currently set at 8.5.

—The Key Play looks at Louisville football’s current recruiting, and gives the Cards a B- grade.

—Pete Thamel of Yahoo believes that the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to the expansion of the College Football Playoff. So that’s one good thing.

—Fresh highlights of new Louisville addition Charles Minlend:

—The updated college hoops transfer list is now at 670 names.

—NBA scouts share their thoughts on Jordan Nwora, Jay Scrubb and other local players of interest.

—Jeff Goodman details the struggles that “up” grad transfers often go through.

—BetOnline has Louisville tied with Florida State as the second choice to win the Atlantic Division in 2020:

—Lamar Jackson’s new tattoo pays homage to both U of L and the Ravens. Don’t beat yourself up over clicking on that link. It’s a f—-ing pandemic.

—ESPN has reportedly asked its 100 most highly paid commentators to take voluntary 15 percent pay cuts over the next three months

—Five-star guard Josh Christopher shocked everyone by picking Arizona State over Michigan (among others) Monday night. The commitment earned the Wolverines a dubious distinction.

—It was a very rough 24 hours for the Wolverines for more reasons than just Christopher picking ASU.

—Jordan Nwora could fit well in the New Orleans Pelicans’ system.

—JJ Traynor is ready to get goin’.

—Louisville JuCo target El Ellis has enjoyed his virtual visits to U of L.

—Gary Parrish updates his early hoops rankings for CBS and does not include Louisville.

—These are odd times (Athletic link) for technologically inept college basketball coaches.

Roy Williams likes to tell reporters he doesn’t twit (he means tweet), and his technological skills begin and end with his ability to make a phone call. Which is why when North Carolina announced last week that Williams would be hosting a Zoom call with the media, people were slightly stunned.

“Roy knew how to do it?” an apoplectic Mark Few says when the information is relayed to the Gonzaga coach. Few, a fiercely proud Luddite, does not own a laptop or a computer, uses his iPad only to watch film and abandoned his email account years ago, frustrated he couldn’t possibly respond to all of the missives in his inbox. “There’s no way Roy can Zoom, man,” Few says. “His cellphone and him aren’t exactly connected like the rest of us. I talked to him a few days ago, and after we hung up, he butt-dialed me seven times. No exaggeration. I answered the first three.’’

Yet there was Williams in his “Brady Bunch” box, the video actually working and his audio un-muted. Then again, his name read Wanda Williams. That’s Roy’s wife, so perhaps he’s not Steve Jobs just yet.

These are tough times for the technologically averse. Social distancing requires connection creativity, yet many college basketball coaches have less knowhow than the Amish. Accustomed to secretaries who respond to emails, sports information directors who handle social media accounts and assistant coaches who do pretty much everything else, they are like rotary phones in a wireless world. Which is to say useless. But with in-person recruiting suspended for the foreseeable future, their players scattered across the country, and cut off from their helpers, these old dogs are learning some new tricks … though not easily, or necessarily willingly. “I have a laptop,’’ West Virginia coach Bob Huggins says. “I use it to play solitaire.’’

—WNBA experts share their thoughts (Athletic link) on Louisville’s draft-eligible seniors.

—Yardbarker says Mekhi Becton is the third-best offensive player in the 2020 NFL draft.

—Here’s hoping this isn’t the start of a wave of this sort of thing.

It’s also another reminder of just how crucial it was for Louisville to get into the ACC.

—Like everyone else, the U of L strength and conditioning department is having to adapt significantly during these odd times.

—There are no games, but basketball coaches are staying busy.

—Jaire was so damn good.

—Katina Powell is once again in the news after reportedly leaving her ankle monitor at an abandoned home.

—Dan McDonnell called NCAA’s decision to provide an extra year of eligibility “the right thing to do.” Now he, like other coaches, must wait for the roster dominoes to fall.

—And finally, Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News says the Knicks need to go all in on getting Donovan Mitchell.