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NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Louisville
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Card Chronicle’s ACC Tournament Pick Em’ Battle of the Greats Pro-Am Contest Bracket Challenge 2020

I had so much fun last year running this shindig that I decided to do it all over again. Can ‘Smoore74’ repeat as champion? Can everyone follow the directions successfully? How will the winner spend all 247 Chron points? All great questions, all yet to be answered.

Lets get pumped about post season basketball once again by competing against each other to come up with a definitive answer as to who is the greatest basketball mind on this very “blog”. Winner will get bragging rights, 247 Chron Points, and once again this year I promise to give you a shout out in this years ‘Cardinal Countdown’ on a random day during the summer. A literally priceless award.

You know the drill by now. Games are listed below in order, in the comment section list the game number with the team you think will win next to that number. Below is a template you can copy so we’re on the same page. If you use ‘The U’ instead of Miami or ‘Jerky McJerk Faces’ instead of Virginia I’ll now what you mean, but if possible maybe stick with their ‘government’ names to make my life easier. Please.

You should have 13 games total listed in your comment and for tie-breaking purposes at the bottom of your comment list a ‘total points scored’ for the Championship Game.


1. Wake Forest

2. Virginia Tech

3. Clemson

4. NC State

5. Notre Dame

6. Syracuse

7. Florida State

8. Duke

9. Virginia

10. Louisville

11. Florida State

12. Virginia

13. Florida State

145 Points

When it comes to how we will actually determine the winner, here’s how the points will break down:

Round 1 (Tue): 1 Point per correct pick

Round 2 (Wed): 2 Points per correct pick

Round 3 (Thur): 3 Points per correct pick

Round 4 (Fri): 4 Points per correct pick

Round 5 (Championship): 6 Points for correct pick

Cutoff for all entries is 4:29pm Tuesday March 10th, one minute prior to the tip time of the Pitt-Wake Forest game. I’ll try and post updates at the end of each day so you can brag to your coworkers and family.

Sharpen your pencils boys and girls, and then slowly place them right back down. This is all on the internet, you don’t need them.

Good luck.


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