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After the Buzzer: Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-There is no other place to begin than with the moment of the game. Josh Nickelberry misses a runner and David Johnson grabs the rebound, already knowing where the ball is going. He kicks to the corner to find Keith Oddo. Shot goes up, SPLASH! The bench has the best celebration that I can recall as a Louisville fan. It was awesome! Ryan McMahon and Jordan Nwora are doing jump knee tucks. Malik Williams is hopping on one leg. Darius Perry is dancing. It was so good.

-I finally sat down and watched the game from start to finish on Monday night (busy Sunday evening) and I watched the Oddo shot no less than 20 times. It was so much better in the flow of the game than even the highlight videos showed.

-Everyone played really well, but I have to first start with Jordan Nwora. It was as complete of a game from him that I can remember. The points and the rebounds are there for the most part. But he brought the defense this game. It wasn’t just effort; it was well-executed defense. Being in the right spot. Moving his feet. Being wide with his arms out. He drew three offensive fouls on the Hokies and forced at least one more turnover by guarding his man so close that he stepped out of bounds.

On offense, he led the way with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Know what else he had? Two assists and only one turnover. He was assertive from the start, but not forcing things. There were a couple of times where he would normally settle for the outside shot, but he drove the lane. This was a very good game from Nwora and the kind that the Cards will need to have a good March.

-Dwayne Sutton did his thing. Eight points and nine rebounds, with four of those being offensive. One of them led to a bucket and the foul in the second half to tie the game and put the Cards ahead after the free throw. That sparked a 12-0 run and the game was never in doubt after that. Just doing Sutton things.

-The good news about Louisville’s start was that they held Virginia Tech scoreless until 14:43 left in the half. The bad news is that when VT scored, it tied the game at two. Gross start for both teams. Glad that turned around.

-David Johnson had a rough stretch on defense, as you will see on the film review. He gave up three threes in a row to Nahiem Alleyne in the first half. All of the reasons can be fixed, of course. He also made some very good plays on offense, also on the film review. Sometimes it’s as simple as setting your man up before going backdoor or using a screen, and he did these things and scored because of it. He also dished out six assists with only one turnover for the game.

-Darius Perry played 11 minutes but continues to dance on the sidelines for his teammates like he just played 35 minutes and is sitting for the last five. That’s a teammate you want.

-Louisville had 40 rebounds. Jordan Nwora, Dwayne Sutton, and Steven Enoch combined for 32 of the 40.

-The Cards had nine fouls in the entire game.

-Last “Joker and the Thief” at home this season. Louisville closed with a 17-11 advantage after that.

-Shoutout to all of the guys honored in this one. Fresh for his defense and steady hand at point, Steven for the post presence, Jordan for the complete game, Ryan for the deep threat, Dwayne for always bringing the effort, and Keith for bringing down the house to end the home slate. It was a great day for the Cards.

-As always, thanks for checking this and the film review out. I do appreciate it. Go Cards!

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