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Louisville basketball unveils 2020 postseason uniforms

They’re too normal.

Look, you guys are welcome to form your own thoughts on this, but I’m going to share mine before I even post the video: They’re too normal. They’re way, way too normal.

Judge for yourself:

It’s pretty straightforward ...

Infra-Reds in 2012 = Final Four

Sleeved Camo Jerseys in 2013 = National Championship

Normal looking uniforms from 2014-19 = No Final Fours

If we wore trash bags from day one through the first Monday in April, I guarantee we’d go 40-0.

The shorts are a little bit funky, and as a lot of people have already pointed out, the reveal video itself is a little weird, so that’s at least something. But still, this could be so much worse, which for us could make things so much better.

Pretty sure you owe us, Adidas. If this postseason doesn’t go swimmingly, twelve months from now we want straight garbage. Like, literal garbage. Literal garbage with numbers on the back. Those are the uniforms.

Make this right.