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Louisville Beats Virginia Tech 70-53

Seniors go out the winningest group in school history

Photo Credit:University of Louisville WBB Official Twitter Account

It was a perfect Senior Day. Before the game the seniors were introduced and walked out with their families with tears streaming down their faces. Then they all started the game and the first basket was a Jessica Laemmle jumper over former Louisville player Taja Cole. The Cards got a double digit lead which the Hokies cut to 8 in the second quarter, but they wouldn't get any closer than that the rest of the way. That made this win #124 for this group of seniors which will send them out the winningest class in school history.

On Jessica’s shot Coach Walz said, “What a way to start the game. You couldn’t script it any better than for Jess to hit the first shot of the ballgame.” Jazmine Jones said, “Jess is probably the most hardworking person on our team. She does every little thing. When Myisha was here she would always rebound for Myisha after practice. That’s the little things from a teammate that you need. Jess, she doesn’t care about scoring. She doesn’t care about starting or any of that. She just cares about making her teammates better every single day....She’s a great person....For her to score the first two points on Senior Night? It couldn’t be written any better.”

Jazmine Jones led all scorers with 18 points. Kylee Shook had another double-double with 15 points and 12 rebounds. Dana Evans came off the bench to add 11 points and 4 assists. Bionca Dunham had 8 points and 9 rebounds.

All five seniors scored early in the game and Coach Walz said, “It was great....We have gotten to a point right now where I challenge them: Whatever you do it. And just keep doing it. We are getting to a point where we’re not trying to do things we can’t do and that’s why we’re having success. Kids are taking shots that they practice and they make. And if we’ll continue to do that it’s gonna be a lot of fun to watch us play.”

Coach Walz also said, “I thought one of the biggest plays of the game was Yacine’s offensive board there at the end of the first half. I mean the kid never stops moving. She gets it and puts it in. I told the staff that Dana gets a clear look from three from the corner and it goes in and out and as the opposing coach I’m going ‘thank goodness.’ And then here comes Yacine with the offensive board and sticks it back up and in.”

Kylee talked about how she’s been scoring more recently. “One of the games about two or three weeks ago somebody mentioned about Louisville needing an extra scorer because Jaz and Dana were having to do it all. So I kind of tried to focus. I mean I am a senior and I do want to be a leader so if that’s what we needed that’s what I tried to focus on.”

Coach Walz talked about the support of the fans. “We’re blessed to have a community and a city that recognizes what we’ve done here and come out and support it. What a great atmosphere for the game today with a men’s game at 6. It’s not like I’ve got nothing else to do so I’ll just come out to a women’s game. I mean we had ten thousand [10,423]. It’s not only for our kids. It’s really neat when you talk to the opposing coaches and they’re like, “this is awesome.” As a player I don’t care of I’m coming on the road. If I get a chance to play in front of a big crowd it’s what you want.”

Next up is the ACC Tournament. The Cards get a double bye and will play Friday at 2PM. Jazmine said, “We need to take time now everybody needs to get treatment and get our bodies right because we know we have a tough tournament....If we want to win that championship we have to win three games in a row so everybody has to be dialed in mentally and physically so we need to take care of our bodies the next couple of days.”