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Louisville No. 7 in NCAA tournament bracket reveal

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The Cards would be the top 2-seed if the Big Dance began today.

If the NCAA tournament began today, the Louisville Cardinals would be the event’s No. 7 overall seed.

We know this thanks to the NCAA March Madness Bracket Preview show, which went down for the fourth straight year Saturday afternoon on CBS. The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee revealed its top 16 seeds at the present time, a list topped by the Baylor Bears.

Here’s the full list of the committee’s top 16 teams as of Feb. 8:

1. Baylor (South)
2. Kansas (Midwest)
3. Gonzaga (West)
4. San Diego State (East)
5. Duke (East)
6. Dayton (Midwest)
7. Louisville (South)
8. West Virginia (West)
9. Maryland (East)
10. Florida State (Midwest)
11. Seton Hall (South)
12. Villanova (West)
13. Auburn (South)
14. Oregon (West)
15. Butler (East)
16. Michigan State (Midwest)

Coming into the day, I thought Louisville was almost guaranteed to land somewhere between 5-7 on this list, but thought five was more likely than seven given the two teams (Duke and Dayton) they were competing with. Apparently not.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal at first glance to be the third No. 2 seed as opposed to the top No. 2 seed, but in the Committee’s current bracket it’s the difference between being in the same region as San Diego State and being in the same region as overall No. 1 seed Baylor.

Again, it’s all fodder for discussion at the moment, but I would not be thrilled if a similar scenario unfolded on Selection Sunday.