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Chris Mack previews Virginia

Wake Forest v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images



—Not worried about Louisville’s history with Virginia. They’re a great program and they’re a difficult team to prepare for that’s great at what they do.

—They’re playing Huff and Diakite together at the rim and blocking more shots than they have before. They really make your looks around the basket difficult.

—They’re younger and more inexperienced in the backcourt, but that’s understandable given the guys they lost.

—Against them you have to just work to get the best shot you can. Whether that comes 1 second into the shot clock or with 1 second left on the shot clock, that’s the goal.

—In both games against them last year we got good stops and good looks in transition. We executed our set plays pretty well, but they were awfully good and awfully physical. The lid was just on the basket the last 6-8 minutes of the game here at the Yum, but we were in both of those games.

—We’ve got to get our turnovers down, especially in the first part of games. We’ve been way too loose with the ball and have been taking too many chances. We don’t need to cut our turnovers down by 10, we need to cut them down by two or three.

—We have to play a full 40 minutes. We divide up the game into 10 four minute segments, and almost always the team that wins more of those segments ends up winning the game.

—We’re a team with a lot of different options and an extreme desire to win. We’ve also been pretty consistent defensively all year.