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After the Buzzer: NC State

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 01 Louisville at NC State Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-Ryan McMahon. 8-12 from the field. 7-10 from three. One scoop shot. One three that began with two dribbles while backing up. Simply, en fuego.

-On the other side of that is Darius Perry playing five minutes. He picked up two early fouls, but with the way the other guards were playing, there just wasn’t a spot to get him back into the game.

-And here is what I think about that…I have never cared who starts the game and I surely don’t care now. Whoever is playing the best in that particular game is going to get the bulk of the minutes. If you can get a good game from two of the four guards (McMahon, Perry, Kimble, Johnson), then I think you consider that a positive. It just so happened that in this one, you got a good game from three of them. A couple of weeks ago, I was pretty much throwing in the towel on Darius and saying there just wasn’t room in the rotation. Then he came out and played three really good games to shut me up (which I’ll accept, for sure).

Sometimes it will be a bad matchup for McMahon. We have seen Fresh have some down games. David Johnson turns the ball over and plays bad defense sometimes. So they can all have bad games. But all four can also have really good games. We have seen it from all of them. And when we get two or three of them clicking in the same game, that’s just the way the rotation will go for that night. The best part? The odd man out is still cheering on the bench. Watch the last video in the film review when Nickelberry hits that three. Watch Darius Perry. Think Shaquan Aaron would have had that reaction? Nope. Hell, Darius Perry may not have even had that reaction last year.

So that’s my “quick” hitter on the guard situation. It doesn’t matter who starts. Just see whose game it is and roll with it and let’s hope that at least two of the four brought their game. I do know this: it’s pointless to give up on any of them now. We need all four and they will all help us down the stretch.

-The Cards were 10-11 from the free throw line in this one for 90.9%.

-Louisville won the rebounding battle 40-30.

-The first 10 minutes of the game had us thinking that Vegas nailed the spread with Louisville only being favored by three points. I was already nervous that we were facing a team on a two-game losing streak. Louisville led 15-13 after 10 minutes and then took off and the halftime score was 41-26. Boom.

-After his fourth made three, Ryan McMahon took a charge. He does more than just shoot the ball.

-Here’s an odd stat: of the nine guys in the main rotation, only two of them are getting 34% or more of their rebounds on the offensive end. Those two? Samuell Williamson and David Johnson. Offensive rebounding is about effort and just going after the ball, so this speaks volumes. Samuell Williamson has 61 rebounds and 21 are offensive (34.4%). David Johnson has 41 rebounds and 18 are offensive (43.9%). The next closest is not surprising, Dwayne Sutton at 30.4%.

I stumbled upon that because it just seems like Williamson is always in the mix for offensive boards. I didn’t expect to see that those two are rebounding that well on the offensive end.

-After not having more than three turnovers in a game all season, Fresh Kimble had five. But he did have 10 points, five assists, four rebounds, and knocked down a couple of big threes. I don’t remember the turnovers as much as I remember the big shots he hit.

-Jordan Nwora was 3-13 from the field but got to the line for eight free throws and made them all. On a night where his shot wasn’t falling (after not missing against BC), it didn’t feel like he was hunting shots and hurting the team. He still ended up with 14 points. It’s great that this team has been able to win without needing him to score 20-25 points. We know he can do that, but it’s definitely nice when it’s more balanced.

-Next up is Wake Forest on Wednesday night. Let’s get this win and move to 20-3 and 11-1 in the ACC.

-As always, thanks for reading and watching the film review. Go Cards!

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