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After the Buzzer: North Carolina

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North Carolina v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-Big game for the Cards tonight so let’s put this North Carolina beatdown to bed.

-Malik Williams was an absolute warrior. We learned after the game that Steven Enoch didn’t even think he could play, but he gave it a go and clearly wasn’t very good. With no depth at the position, Malik played 31 minutes and had 17 points, nine rebounds (four offensive), two assists, and one block. He was 8/11 from the field and really brought the energy all game long.

-Darius Perry came in and played well for the most part. After his first jumper that he sank from the free throw line, he shot a fadeaway from the post. Not a good shot. At all. He ended up knocking down a three as well, so I am not harping too much on the one bad shot. You would just like to see more consistency and not forcing the issue.

-Pretty wild that there were only 19 total free throws shot in a Louisville-UNC game.

-Jordan Nwora, Malik Williams, and Dwayne Sutton combined for 29 rebounds. They need to bring that kind of effort on the boards tonight. Bring it every game, actually.

-Samuell Williamson had a couple of bad plays on defense, but it was good to see him so aggressive on offense. He didn’t finish very well, but he was attacking the basket and you like to see that.

-I’d expect to see Fresh Kimble get the start again against Florida State. Hopefully Steven Enoch can give it a go. At this point, I just hope he can give Malik a break and maybe play 10-15 minutes. If he is good Steven, then great. If not, just be decent and give us something,

-You will see this in the film review, but UNC going to the 2-3 zone was like automatic points for the Cards. They just faced Syracuse, who runs 2-3 all the time and typically runs it well. Louisville tore this one apart. They ran their set play (film review) that gets them a man open on the baseline. And of course, they put David Johnson in the middle and he made the right play at least twice that I remember. He hit Sutton for a three and found Malik for a bucket down low.

-Not too much to add to this one other than it was good to play well and pick up another ACC win. They may not be good, but it’s still Carolina so it’s fun to get that win.

-I’ll end with this. The story that Ryan McMahon lost one of his best friends last summer should serve as a reminder that for the most part, we have no idea what these guys are going through off the court. We expect them to roll the ball out and play well all the time. And I know that basketball can be an escape where nothing off the court matters, but that’s not always the case. If our guys are struggling, that’s the time to pick them up, not beat them down even more. No one is going to play bad on purpose. Just remember that there are nights when your game just isn’t there. Maybe it’s just bad luck. Maybe your mind is on something bigger than basketball. Either way, try to lift the guys up. You never know what they (or anyone in life) are going through.

-Thanks for reading, and Go Cards!

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