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Louisville Gets By Georgia Tech 58-47

After the game Coach Walz expressed genuine relief about this victory. “This was a game I was concerned about so I was HAP-PY to get out of here with a win and then move on to the next.” It was one of those games where Louisville held a 10 point lead for much of the game but it was never a comfortable lead. It simultaneously felt like Louisville would and should win but also that with a just few bad possessions at the wrong time that they could possibly lose. Fortunately they held strong during all of Tech’s runs and finished the game when the momentum was swinging back the Cards’s way.

One major point of concern was the state of Dana Evans’s ankle. She rolled it coming down from a jump shot after getting fouled. She came back in the game after getting looked at by the trainers, but despite making some big shots she still seemed a little gimpy and Coach Walz benched her. He said, “She hobbled in there. We’re going to have to make sure we take care of her and get her some treatment as quick as we can.”

Kylee Shook had another double-double with both 13 points and rebounds. She also had 4 blocked shots. Jazmine Jones led all scorers with 18 to which she added 7 rebounds. Dana, bad ankle and all, ended up with 14 points.

Coach Walz said Georgia Tech defended “extremely well” and that “they really caused us problems.” He also said, “In the 3rd quarter we were our own worst enemy....we only got 7 shots. Every other quarter we got 14.” He also bemoaned the fact that his team had 14 turnovers but still said he was “really proud of them.” He also said that Asia Durr and her family were at the game and that Asia came back to the locker room.

Next up the Cards travel to Pittsburgh to play a game this Sunday. Coach Walz said, “As I told them before the game it’s a 4-game season. If you win all four it’s a conference championship, and you have to win the first before you can win the second so now we’re down to a 3-game tournament. It’s going to be pretty exciting.” Kylee Shook said, “The ACC is a very tough league so we know these coming up games are going to be hard. There’s no let down.” The game is at 2PM and can be seen on ACC Network Extra.