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Team USA Throttles Louisville 97-54

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Breaking: Professional Basketball Players are Good

Photo Credit: University of Louisville WBB Official Twitter Account

If you’ve ever wondered if Louisville could beat an assemblage of 12 of the best basketball players on the planet you got your answer this afternoon at the Yum Center.


That said, there were some bright spots in the game. At the end of the first quarter the score was 21-17 in favor of the Cards off of a 10-0 run. Louisville’s starting five held their own for awhile but when you have a player like [trigger warning] Breanna Stewart coming off the bench there is obviously nobody on Louisville’s roster who can sub in and match that level of talent.

It was also a delight to see Angel McCoughtry play in Louisville again. She’s just so daggone good. She’s so tall, so gifted, so fiery. Angel is special and we were lucky to have her back then and are lucky to still claim her now. It was fun to watch Jazmine Jones solidly challenge her on defense but there came a point where it seemed like Angel said, “Ok, kid. You wanna challenge me then challenge THIS!”

Dan Hughes, assistant coach for Team USA, said, “I thought their starting unit even against our starting unit was pretty competitive. What turns the tide a lot of times with us is our depth. Just the reality of THAT many good players. Their pace, we were ready for it,’ve almost got to experience their pressure a little bit. You’ve almost got to experience their north-south ability.”

He also praised Louisville. “I’ve got to tip my hat to Louisville and the women’s program.....The culture is in the community.” He added, “I go to breakfast and whoever’s taking care of me is aware of the game and is aware of the team and that’s great.” He praised Coach Walz, “What’s he’s doing is so good that it’s permeating Louisville. Well you know what...boy you’d better bottle that. That’s what we all try to do.”

Dana Evans looked like the player who belonged the most with the All-Stars. She appeared to be the fastest person on the court. When asked if her speed helped her Dana said, “It helped for a little...not too long. They adjusted pretty well to it. But I just tried to make reads and they were extremely long.” She added, “I wasn’t scared or anything but they just challenged my shots a lot more but I just know now where I’m getting my shots from.”

Jazmine Jones said her favorite moment of the weekend was, “the one on one session we got with them and thee question and answer thing we did with them last night. Just picking their brains and taking valuable information that they gave us and just applying it.”

Coach Walz said, “Every opportunity I’ve had to work with USA Basketball has been a privilege....I think the culture that they have is tops. I’ve never been around anything that the standard is as high as it is. It’s gold medal or nothing. That’s what I love about it. So to have our players get the opportunity to watch them practice for two days and then play against them is remarkable. You watch them come and practice and they don’t hang their head. If they miss a shot they just get back down the floor and move on to the next play.” He added, “If you want to learn to be elite that’s what you have to learn to be able to do.”

Next up the Cards meet #14 Florida State this Thursday the 6th. The game is in the Yum Center and can be seen on the ACC Network at 8PM.