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After the Buzzer: Clemson

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Clemson Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Hitters

-Wednesday can not get here soon enough. I know there are some things to work out with this team, but I just need to see another game and a win. And soon.

-I didn’t think much about the loss at Georgia Tech. I chalked it up to a terrible shooting night and just a clunker that every team has at some point. But when it happens again the very next game, and effort seems to be an issue for some, it’s a problem. This was the worst possible way to follow up the loss at Georgia Tech.

-The film review is heavy on the negative side, which is hopefully understandable. I mean, there wasn’t much positive to focus on. I could show some Dwayne Sutton layups, I guess. But there isn’t much to break down in those other than “this guy showed that he came to play.” Solid analysis there.

-Sam Williamson started. And he played the least amount of minutes he has played all season with six. He had no stats whatsoever other than one missed shot. I show in the film review a very bad defensive possession by him. He is guarding the ball and just crosses his feet instead of sliding, and once he did that, he was finished. His man crossed back over and got to the rim with ease. That’s all I remember from him this game.

-Dwayne Sutton kept the Cards somewhat alive in this game. He had 18 points and seven rebounds. The other four starters combined for 12 points and eight rebounds. That’s gross. Thanks for the effort, Dwayne. It didn’t go unnoticed. Please never leave us.

-The Cards had 11 assists. David Johnson had eight of them.

-Clemson’s starters outscored Louisville’s starters 67-30.

-It didn’t look like it was going to be another one of these games. Louisville came out and took a 5-4 lead. Next thing you know, it’s 18-5 in favor of Clemson. From there, the route was on. The Cards made a run in the second half to get the deficit down to 10, but that was followed by an 8-0 run by the Tigers to put the game out of reach.

-David Johnson had a good second half. If you only look at the box score, it looks a lot better than it really was in the first half. He forced a lot of shots in the lane that weren’t really open. But I get that he was just trying to make something happen when nobody else could. His 12 points, eight assists, and six rebounds are nothing to overlook. Especially when Fresh Kimble and Darius Perry combined for nine points, zero assists, and three rebounds.

-I am one that has not cared at all who starts. I am also stubborn, so it takes a lot to admit when I change my mind. My mind has changed. I’d like to see a starting lineup of David Johnson, Fresh Kimble, Jordan Nwora, Dwayne Sutton, and Malik Williams.

-Let me explain those. David Johnson seems obvious. I’d keep Fresh in the lineup because he is one of the best leaders on the team and the best defender. He doesn’t really make plays that hurt you. Jordan Nwora hasn’t deserved a lot of minutes lately, but he isn’t a player that responds well to coming off the bench. It’s probably an ego thing. He needs to get going early. It would be nice for him to see an easy bucket go down instead of forcing a contested step back three. But if he remains careless with the ball and gives the other team the ball in transition, he just can’t be on the floor. Dwayne Sutton is obvious. Malik Williams is just playing better than Steven Enoch lately and playing harder. They are interchangeable for the most part because they bring different things, but Malik has earned it.

-Now in saying all of that, I’d also be fine if Ryan McMahon starts on Wednesday because it’s Syracuse and he will get shots against the zone. The starting lineup is certainly something I don’t remember seeing so heavily debated with the fanbase, but it is. Everyone has their opinion. And people are getting attacked for their “wrong” opinions. It’s pretty ugly to see. I truly did not care who started before, but some guys just aren’t deserving of it at the moment simply because they have started all season.

-This thing can go one of two ways. The downward spiral continues and this team struggles the rest of the way and is out of the NCAA Tournament in the first weekend. Or they come together and fix whatever is wrong and play the way we know they are capable of playing. They make it to the ACC Tournament Championship, lock up a two seed, and make a serious run at Atlanta.

-Sometimes it can be as simple as making shots. That can go a long way for confidence and everyone rallying around each other and playing together. This team needs to get back whatever mojo they sacrificed from finally beating Virginia. Bring on Syracuse and that zone and let’s knock some shots down!

-Let’s try to bring back some of that “I’ve got your back” support with this squad. It won’t cost you anything, I promise.

-Thanks for reading and checking out the film review, and Go Cards!

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