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After the Buzzer: Georgia Tech

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Hitters

-I will do my best to literally make these quick so we can get out of here and move on with our day. Nobody wants to be here. Nobody wants to read this. Nobody wants to watch the film review. Now realizing that if all of that is true, nobody is here and I am talking to myself. Off we go…

-Malik Williams played with a lot of heart and effort. I wish a few others would have joined him.

-David Johnson proved once again that when he decides he wants to get to the basket, that’s where he will end up.

-Speaking of Johnson, he continues to pick up cheap fouls that absolutely came back and bit him in this one. You will see one in the film review. He gets beat off the dribble and just reaches for the guy’s arm. Once you are beat like that, just let him go and realize you have help coming over. There’s no way you will grab the guy’s arm and it go unnoticed. You can get that bucket back. You can’t get the foul taken away.

-Dwayne Sutton is another guy that did everything he could. He drove to the basket and drew fouls, knocked down 3/4 free throws, and grabbed 10 rebounds.

-I liked the big lineup late in the game with Enoch, Williams, Nwora, Sutton, and Johnson. There was so much length on that zone. They had it going for two possessions and Georgia Tech turned it over both times. The problem was that Enoch picked up a foul and came out. Ryan McMahon came in and on the next possession, he was down low on the zone instead of Sutton for some reason, and Tech scored. Guys have to be more aware who is in the game and where they should be in the zone.

-All nine guys in the rotation are capable of knocking down the three. You never expect all nine to be off. Granted, Enoch didn’t attempt a three, but the rest of the guys went 3/24. Live by it and die by it. They died by it this time. If just a couple of guys were decent from behind the arc, we are talking about Louisville’s 11th straight win. Instead, every single player had an off-shooting night.

-Not going to spend a lot of time on Jordan Nwora. We all saw how he played. He came out less than four minutes into the game because he gave up a backdoor layup. The announcers said that Chris Mack went over this exact situation in the pregame shootaround. Similar to the Wake Forest game when our guys were backing off and giving up open threes and the announcers said that Mack went over that as well. There isn’t much more frustrating as a coach than knowing exactly what a team does, relaying that info to your team, and that info goes ignored. You are literally handing them the answers to the test and they aren’t taking them. That’s a lack of focus.

-The starters combined for 18 points. Sutton got nine of them.

-Sounded like Chris Mack may make some changes to the starting lineup. I know everyone wants David Johnson to start. I think I am finally good with that. I just worry that he picks up fouls even earlier so the fact that he starts will be negated because he will be out of the game with two fouls before he normally comes in. But it’s obvious that he has to play more. As far as any other changes, I could see Malik starting for Enoch. But they split time so much anyway that I really don’t think it matters who starts there. What changes do you want?

-We didn’t lose the game because we came out of the zone late. I think that happened for one possession. They did score on it (in film review when Nwora doesn’t help Sutton), but that one possession didn’t cost us the game. Missing 21 threes and seven free throws also happened. Remember that.

-I’m just not one to go in full panic mode after a regular season loss. If we played really well and still got beat, I’d be more alarmed. We know the team is better than what they showed. Outside of FSU, anyone the Cards would lose to the rest of the season would have people shaking their heads. A loss was likely going to happen at some point.

It sucked. It was ugly from the start. Louisville never had the lead. Shots weren’t even close. So many airballs. Georgia Tech played harder. It was an absolute clunker.

It was also one game and does not define this team or the season. Put your big boy pants on, get over it, and go out and beat Clemson on Saturday.

-As always, I do appreciate you reading (nobody is reading this) and checking the film review (don’t do it). Go Cards!

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