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Georgia Tech snaps Louisville’s 10-game winning streak

Gross. Everything.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that can only be described as disgusting, Louisville saw its 10-game winning streak come to an end with a 64-58 loss at Georgia Tech Wednesday night. The defeat marked U of L’s first on the road in conference play.

After making at least nine three-pointers in its last five games, the Cardinals were a woeful 3-for-24 from beyond the arc, good for a season-low 12.5 percent. Overall, U of L shot just 33.9 percent from the field.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the performance was the fact that Georgia Tech pulled its first upset of a top five team since 2016 despite not seeming to even play its A game. The Jackets turned the ball over 18 times, went just 4-of-14 from three, lost the rebounding battle by eight, and seemed to leave the door wide open for Louisville all night long.

The Cards were never able to walk through that door. In fact, they didn’t lead for a single second on Wednesday night. Twice in the game’s final minutes they cut the Tech lead to one, but turnovers or a missed wide open shot always kept them from taking that final step.

Jordan Nwora finished with more turnovers (4), than points (2) or rebounds (3). Ryan McMahon went just 1-of-8 from three and missed a wide open look in the game’s final minutes that would have put Louisville ahead by two. Fresh Kimble and Darius Perry combined for just three points and three assists and made zero field goals.

There are about a hundred other things that need to be said about this game, and only two or three of them are positive. Outside of Malik Williams, nobody wearing grey (burn those) gave a performance they should feel great about. Maybe Tech is a bad matchup for us, maybe their overall record is only below .500 because of injuries; It doesn’t matter. This is a bad loss to a sub-80 NET team that probably dooms Louisville’s shot at a 1-seed and is a significant hit to their chances of staying on the two line. It also moves the Cards into a first place tie with Duke in the ACC standings, the same Duke that has an extremely favorable stretch of games to end the regular season.

All is certainly not lost, but there was nothing about Wednesday night that was good. Pick up and move on.