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Chris Mack previews Georgia Tech

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Wake Forest v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images



—Georgia Tech doesn’t have a record that’s indicative of the type of team they had. Their guards do a great job of trying to control the game and Banks is a force inside who’s terrific at guarding the rim. They’re going to be a challenge for us once again. We’ll see how far we’ve come since the last time we played them.

—We need to do a better job defensively than we’ve done in the last couple of games if we want to keep doing what we’ve been doing on the road.

—Coach Crum has been telling Mack the last few times he’s seen him that he wanted to talk with him about how to attack Syracuse’s zone. That’s what he’s doing in the picture that made its rounds on social media last week. I’m guessing he saw our game last year and said, “you idiot, you need to give me five minutes of my time.” We’re gonna run what he told me to.

—I know what we have coming up beyond the next game. But knowing it and being focused on it are two different things.

—This team has come so far in knowing what to do in certain situations without having to look at the sidelines for me to tell them what to do. Some of our experienced players have really taken ownership of this team and we’ve become better because of that. I’ve talked all season about Malik Williams’ ability to be a vocal leader, but Fresh Kimble, Ryan McMahon, even Dwayne Sutton at times have all been important voices for this team.

—Hopes the Bengals take Joe Burrow.

—Watched Duke-Florida State and it was the game he thought it would be. Florida State turns you over, and Duke turned it over a bunch but still found a way to win. Those are two really good teams, so the fact that it could have gone either way didn’t really surprise me.