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Louisville players express support for Scott Satterfield

The Cardinal head coach still has one important group firmly behind him.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

After another day of controversy for Scott Satterfield where he made multiple statements at his Monday press conference that weren’t received particularly well by the Louisville fan base, a healthy number of current U of L and former Appalachian State players sent out tweets of support for Satterfield in what appeared to be a concerted effort to quash the ever-rising criticism.

Here’s just a sampling of the many examples:

It’s certainly encouraging for the future of the program to see the team come together like this, and I definitely respect the “nothing anybody says outside of this locker room matters” mentality, but it’s more than a bit off-putting to see so many of these messages shifting the blame to the media or other outsiders. No one made Scott Satterfield talk to South Carolina, nor did they make him conceal the meeting.

There were a few former players, including recent first round draft pick Mekhi Becton, who sent tweets that were ... well, less supportive, but for the most part, the response from the Cardinal side has been nearly unanimous.

The words are fine — we’ve certainly seen and heard lots of positive stuff out of the Louisville camp throughout this disappointing season — but the real test of emotions will come on Saturday. For the sake of the future of U of L football, I hope the effort level is high and the game is clean.

While I’ll always support the players and will be watching and rooting hard for the good guys on Saturday, I’m also not going to sit here and act like Satterfield hasn’t taken a dozen missteps over the last month. I didn’t like his comments about Javian Hawkins, I didn’t like his initial reaction to the reports of South Carolina interest, I didn’t like him sneaking away to Bowling Green to meet with SC last Friday, and I thought his press conference on Monday was awkward at best and irritating at worst.

All that said, having been down this road a hundred times over the last two decades, I think all Louisville fans would tell you that there’s a pretty clear path to forgiveness and salvation for Scott Satterifeld: win more football games.