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Coach Satt & the Carolina Confab

A few thoughts on this weekend’s turmoil

I won’t bury the lede.

Scott Satterfield remains the University of Louisville football coach.

I am one of the few more moderate of the Cardinal faithful.

I’m glad, grateful even he’s still the Cards’ coach.

Unlike most, faithful at the various fan websites, who, having moments of angst-riven deja vu, have unleashed serious invective in his direction.

If you are reading this, you know what I mean. And, perhaps, are among the many who have weighed in.

(I do not begrudge Satt the dalliance, wondering how many of us have jumped jobs to a competitor for better pay and health care, after expressing loyalty and/or not fully apprising their boss of their intentions?)

Of course, I would have loved for Satterfield to have been more transparent and forthcoming with his thoughts in advance of his meeting with the Gamecock AD.

(And why did Ray Tanner even want the meeting? Reliable reports are that Shane Beamer has been the choice for over a week now.)

But, it’s simply how it works, for some odd reason, in the billion dollar biz we call Big Time College Football. Why did he feel the need to pledge his troth to Louisville, instead of being up front?

I don’t know. But, again, that’s the norm.

Assuming Satt has his game week presser — and shame on him and the school if he doesn’t — he’ll have no end of opportunities to explain himself, walk it back as they say in the world of PR, display heartfelt contrition for how he handled the situation.

As for the fans who want him out of Dodge by sundown, take a deep breath.

What the vast majority of Cardinal football fans fail to accept is that Louisville is not a destination job. In hoops, yes. On the gridiron, no.

There have been moments, when U of L was on the cusp of rising to the level of a perennial Top 25 program. The next Ohio State or Alabama? Hear me now and believe me later, That Is Never Ever Going To Happen.

The next Wisconsin? Iowa State? That’s doable.

If Satt or the the next guy finally realizes it can be done here. Power 5 league that’s not that tough really. Top 25 facilities. A fan base that would adore year in and year out 7-8-9 W campaigns.

The Schnell didn’t see the future, even though a new stadium was on the way. John L. Smith didn’t understand, and he was off to Sparty. Charlie Strong couldn’t say no to the allure of Burnt Orange. Bobby Petrino . . . well, he’s just a scumbag. Begone.

So, there ya go.

To repeat, welcome back, Scott Satterfield, it’s like you never left. Well, OK, you really didn’t.

I’m a lifelong Cardinal fan who is OK with that.

— c d kaplan