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Louisville AD Vince Tyra makes statement on Scott Satterfield situation

The saga rolls on.

Notre Dame v Louisville

It’s been a long and confusing day for fans of the Louisville football program, and now we have an official statement on the situation from Cardinal athletic director Vince Tyra.

Here’s what Tyra told the Courier Journal’s Cameron Teague Robinson — who deserves major props for being on top of this story all day long:

“Scott and I spoke earlier today and he assured me that he is moving forward as our head football coach. I feel as good about Scott’s abilities today as the day we hired him. We have invested a great deal in our facilities, staff and fan experience to put our program in a position for sustained success.

As a long time fan and the current AD at Louisville, I understand the history behind our fans’ trust issue with football coaches. Rightly so. I am disappointed that Scott had a conversation with another program, but I’m comfortable that we have an agreeable path forward.”

That’s about as close to saying “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” as you can get without actually saying it.

Also, good on Tyra for giving a nod to the fans and acknowledging why this might be particularly difficult for a group that has been jilted as many times as supporters of Cardinal football have.

What a mess.