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Louisville releasing NCAA’s response Monday

The fun times roll on.

NCAA Hall of Champions building in downtown Indianapolis Indiana Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

As if having our afternoon basketball game canceled wasn’t enough, Friday has also brought news that U of L has received the NCAA’s response to Louisville’s response to its Notice of Allegations, and will be releasing it out into the wild on Monday at 10 a.m.

Since the timeline is pretty much impossible to keep track of, I’ll remind you that the NCAA’s response won’t include any sanctions or other punishments, it’ll just be a basic response to the case U of L made a few weeks ago.

Man, you win one Wade Houston Tipoff Classic championship, and apparently the basketball gods decide that that’s way more joy than anyone deserves right now.

People keep me asking me how I expect this thing to end, and my response is always the same: Just prepare yourself for the worst. It’s the healthiest way to approach this.

If you want to tell yourself that we’re going to be “ok” for whatever reason, I guess you have that right, but I’m not sure what about this seemingly endless tussle with the NCAA — where every major step has been worse than pretty much anyone was expecting — would lead you to believe that this is even a possibility.

So over at CC Headquarters, I’m already prepared for a four-year postseason ban, the revocation of the 1986 national championship, and a personal demand that I chop off both my testicles with a butter knife. Hopefully that will cushion the actual blow just a tad.