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Rance Conner Signs With Louisville Football

Bryan Brown adds a ball hawk to the Cornerback room.

Syracuse v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


247 Composite: 3*/.8567

247: 3*/84

Rivals: 3*/5.6

ESPN: 3*/78

Other Offers: LSU, Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, Kentucky



Louisville dropped a bunch of interceptions this year but they’ve added a few guys in the last two classes who have great ball skills. Conner does such a great job of catching the ball with his hands but more than that, he knows how to read the ball in the air and adjust to the football. Some guys just have that natural attraction to the ball when it’s in the air and Conner definitely has that.

Conner built his impressive offer list on the ability to force turnovers as well as being able to play different spots in the secondary. He has played outside corner, nickel, and Safety. That will help him at Louisville but his aggressive style of play will be the thing the helps him get on the field.


Conner had my favorite recruitment in this cycle as he quite literally surprised the staff when he made his pledge. He didn’t give anyone a any warning and just called the day of and said he was committing and shutting it all down. Frank Ponce got the sign off from Scott Satterfield and it was done. No real fanfare or interviews. He just pulled the trigger and Bryan Brown got another ball hawk.