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Demetrius Cannon Signs With Louisville Football

The Wide Receiver group gets another big outside target for the passing game.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 30 Music City Bowl - Mississippi State v Louisville Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


247 Composite: 3*/.8701

247: 3*/87

Rivals: 3*/5.7

ESPN: 3*/76

Other Offers: IU, Arkansas, Penn State, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennesse, Vanderbilt, WVU



Louisville is getting another big outside receiver with solid speed. Cannon does seem to have the versatility to move around a bit so it will be interesting to see if the staff can keep him in the 205-210 range so that he can move around the offense like Dez Fitzpatrick. If not, he will likely end up in a similar role to Justin Marshall.

Cannon is a bit raw as a receiver but he has flashed some ability to run after the catch in some videos I’ve seen of him as a senior. He doesn’t have a lot of film to go off of but you can see that he is a fluid athlete and not rigid like some bigger receivers. With Gunter Brewer’s coaching I could see Cannon developing into a starter down the road.


Louisville got in on Cannon a bit late but they made short work of his recruitment. Going up against Missouri and Penn State was big but Brewer’s background won out in the long run. Norval McKenzie recruits Missouri and he did a good job getting Louisville in the door with a handful of guys. Brewer helped seal the deal.