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Did Lamar Jackson poop his pants then save the Ravens’ season?

Cramps? Nah.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

In the middle of the 4th quarter of a tight game his Ravens squad absolutely had to win, Lamar Jackson left the field.

The official word from the Baltimore PR team was cramps, but video of Jackson in the tunnel underneath the stadium appeared to tell a different story.

That would certainly appear to be the “Peeking Turtle Trot.” We’ve all been there.

With Jackson doing whatever he was doing inside the locker room, Baltimore’s seven-point advantage became a 35-34 lead for the Cleveland Browns. Backup QB Trace McSorley moved the Ravens to just past midfield, but suffered a left knee injury on a 3rd down run for a loss.

Facing a 4th and 5 with its season on the line, Pooperman emerged from the Baltimore tunnel, grabbed his helmet, and stepped back onto the field for a little bit of Lamar magic.


But the drama wasn’t finished.

Facing little resistance from a Ravens defense that spent most of the evening looking like it wasn’t particularly interested in playing football, Baker Mayfield led the Browns straight down the field for a game-tying touchdown with just over a minute to play.

That was more than enough time for Jackson to once again do his thing, completing five straight passes to set up a game-winning field goal from the automatic Justin Tucker. There was, however, just enough time on the clock for Cleveland to lateral 17 times before taking a safety, one which allowed Baltimore to cover the 3-point spread.

The game ending on a deuce to allow an insane backdoor cover felt appropriate.

Afterwards, Jackson denied any talk of “pulling a Paul Pierce,” saying it was in fact cramps, and that he was in the locker room receiving an IV.

Even if this is the God’s honest truth, I’m choosing to forever remember Dec. 14, 2020 as the night Lamar Jackson had to leave the field to take a dump, and then came back to save the Ravens’ season.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from the young man.