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Seniors go out on top: Louisville 45 - Wake Forest 21

Winning is fun.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Winning on Senior Day is always a great thing. Winning on Senior Day the way that this team just did is about as good as it gets.

Where do we start?

- We saw Dez Fitzpatrick, one of the most deserving players on the team, get a million targets and lead the team in receiving on his last day as a Cardinal. And that was excellent to see.

- Jalen Mitchell is going to be an absolute stud, if he’s not already. 168 yards on the ground on 20 carries, with two explosive runs, one going for 70 yards, was awesome to see and I’m sure excited to see how he develops.

- I really like the thunder and lightning thing we have going on with Hall and Mitchell, respectively. Hope it continues next year.

- That opening drive in the second half was one of the most arousing things any football junkie can see. Just absolutely asserting our strength by pounding the ball down Wake Forest’s throat after the break for a seven-minute long drive was so beautiful and the perfect way to demoralize an opponent trying to get back in the game.

- We gotta talk about the o-line. While the false starts (six or seven, I think?) were something you can expect when you’re playing with your fourth-string center in the game. But the way they came alive after the first quarter and rush for 254 yards was awesome to see, especially without Bentley and DeGeorge.

- TURNOVERS. So weird how when you don’t give the ball to the other team things go well.

- But really, probably the last thing I would have expected in this game would be for the second worst team in turnover margin IN THE COUNTRY to win the turnover battle against the best turnover margin team in the country.

- Based on how Hartman hadn’t thrown an interception this season until today is shocking. I know people were talking about the wind today, but he had at least three INTs dropped and one actually caught.

- The random lateral after the interception was one of my favorite, random ballsy plays I’ve seen in a while. For a team that hasn’t been great at turning the ball over this season, Russ Yeast looked awfully confident on pitching that ball.

- Super impressed with the defense covering the offense’s ass until they got going. The improvement from last year is exciting and I’m looking forward for Bryan Brown and Co. to continue the improvement into next season.

- Louisville moves to 11-2 under Scott Satterfield when scoring 30 or more points in a game

- Shout out to the ACCN pregame panel all picking Wake to win.

- Speaking of the ACCN: MY GOD. The announcers were so bad, and the cameraman was somehow worse.

- Spending an entire segment on Wake’s former players who have been on the Bachelor IN THE FIRST QUARTER was….something.

- Seriously though. That’s a segment you keep in your back pocket for the fourth quarter in case there’s a blowout. But having it as the third talking point in the first quarter is incredible.

- The camera guy loves the zoom button. Who doesn’t? Not sure if there was a better illustration of his affinity for the zoom button than James Turner’s field goal in the first quarter where the ball wasn’t in the shot once the ball left the ground. Art.

- The Jordan Watkins reverse was a beautifully designed play call that Wake honestly covered well, but the blocking was perfect and Watkins was too fast on the edge. Great play for his first TD as a Cardinal.

- Players from Louisville flashing 5-0-2 after scoring a touchdown will never get old.

- Francis Sherman is going to win a Heisman Trophy while he’s here at UofL.

- That fake field goal call was so awesome even though it didn’t work (#Sherman44Heisman). That play almost bit us in the ass when Wake pulled within one possession late in the second half, but luckily Louisville pulled away so we can laugh about how great that play was.

- The last TD pass to Ford seemed like a little middle finger to our archrival Demon Deacons. Could have run the clock out there, but went for the dagger instead. Love it.

I could go on all day with how happy I am with this win. More than anything I loved seeing the team bouncing back from a lousy first quarter and playing a great game for the last three quarters after the week the program has had. It was exactly the response we all hoped Satterfield would get after a hectic week, and it’s mighty encouraging for this program going forward. I don’t want to make this win about Satterfield and his trust rebuild, because today is all about the seniors, but the effort was there today and I think this is a step in the right direction for Satterfield’s healing process.

Thank you, Seniors!