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Scott Satterfield pens apology letter to Louisville football fans

The healing process continues.

Louisville v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Thursday evening, Louisville football season ticket holders received the following letter via email from Cardinal football coach Scott Satterfield:

The letter probably would have been more effective had it come earlier in the week (before or immediately following Monday’s presser would have been nice), but I still think it’s likely to be received positively by a majority of the fan base.

Ultimately, as I’ve said probably a million times this week, how much the Louisville fan base is willing to forgive its head coach is likely going to be directly proportional to how much he’s able to win next season. If the Cards were 10-0 and in the thick of the College Football Playoff race right now, this whole thing would have already been almost completely excused.

Until that winning resumes, the feelings of betrayal and overall annoyance are still going to linger, but apologies like this and the time out of the spotlight in the months ahead will do a lot to push them beneath the surface. At least for the time being.