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After the Buzzer: Prairie View A&M


Boston College v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-Cards are 3-0, which is awesome considering how the injuries are just piling up. So let’s get that out of the way from the start.

-This one did not start off so great. The Panthers came out with more energy and just looked like they wanted it more. Once things settled in, Louisville was just the better team and the final score reflected that. But this team is too young and unproven to overlook anyone.

-In saying that, as a coach, you love if you can get lessons to teach from a win. Coming out and just dominating them from the start and nothing going wrong would have been nice for the fans, but if you can win by 22 and still have plenty to work on, you are good with that. I understand that these games have all been separated by only two days and this one is right in the middle of Seton Hall and Western Kentucky, so I guess a mental lapse happens. But luckily things turned out how they were supposed to.

-This was the best we have seen Jae’Lyn Withers look. The redshirt freshman made his first eight shots and finished with 20 points and nine rebounds. He scored in a variety of ways: in the post, on offensive rebounds, free throws, and he made a three pointer on a beautiful play by David Johnson that you will see in the film review. Watching the growth of Withers will be one of the highlights this season.

-Speaking of David Johnson, he seemed to have his best game of the young season as well. For one, he only had one foul in 37 minutes. Huge win. Aside from that, he was 6/10 from the field and had 19 points, six assists, three rebounds, one steal, and two blocks. The four turnovers need to be cut down.

-Quinn Slazinski was 1/6 from the field and 0/4 from three. The opportunities are going to be there with as good as Johnson and Carlik Jones are at getting into the lane and finding the open man. He just needs to start knocking them down. When he does that, his defender won’t be able to help as much and the lane will be even more open.

-Carlik Jones was really good again. Driving into the lane and dumping off a no-look pass is becoming a thing, and I am here for it. He draws so much attention when he gets into the lane.

-Shoutout to Hogan Orbaugh on the corner three. It’s a place where walk-ons go to shine. Take notes when you get in the game, Sam Bearden.

-The Cards were 24/32 from the free throw line for 75%. Take away Aidan Igiehon (2/4) and Gabe Wiznitzer (1/4) and they were 21/25 for 84%. This is not Gabe slander. The guy played hard.

-16 offensive rebounds for the opponent for the second game in a row. Not ideal.

-However, all five starters did their part on the glass stat wise. Withers had nine, Slazinski and Davis both had six, and Johnson and Jones had three each. But even with those numbers, there were 16 more chances to grab boards.

-We can wrap this one up here. Big game on Tuesday with WKU coming to town. It will be another test for these young Cards.

-As always, thank you for reading and checking this post out. Go Cards!

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