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After the Buzzer: Seton Hall

NCAA Basketball: Wade Houston Tipoff Classic-Seton Hall at Louisville Courier Journal-USA TODAY NETWORK

Quick Hitters

-Tough. Together. Unbreakable. I think this team showed their toughness by taking a big punch from Seton Hall late in the game, and still finding a way to come away with the victory.

-We are only two games in, so this is way early, but could we possibly have our Dwayne Sutton replacement in Dre Davis? That guy gets some tough buckets and plays very physical. I think we are really going to like him.

-Once again, Carlik Jones just plays so under control and takes what the defense gives him. He can score or pass, and for the most part he is making the correct decisions so far. He played all 40 minutes and only turned the ball over twice. He had 18 points, 11 rebounds, and six assists. Is he going to be on triple-double watch every game? That’s cool, if so.

-Hopefully Samuell Williamson isn’t out for too long. He was playing really well in these first two games. That would be a big loss.

-J.J. Traynor. Have yourself a closing moment in this one! He scored four points all day and they were the biggest four points in his young career. The basket to put the Cards up by one was obviously big, but to step up and hit those free throws showed major toughness. My only advice: easssssyyyyy on the slamming of the ball when you are excited. Did anyone else hold their breath at that moment?

-So far I am having a love/hate relationship with Jae’Lyn Withers. I don’t hate anything about him as a person, so let’s not get dramatic. I love his versatility and I think he will cause some mismatch problems for teams we face. He can step out and shoot the ball as well as handle it and drive. I hate the lack of blocking out. It was pretty bad in this game, especially early on. I know they got an offensive rebound on a free throw because he stood and watched. On the play on the film review, he at least turns to be in position, but you have to be physical and move back into your man, not stay in one spot. This allowed Seton Hall to get the rebound. And although there was not a second rebound on the next shot in that play, the shot goes up and he runs right to the rim instead of to the man.

-One more quick note on Withers…I think his growing process will be sped up so much with Malik Williams out. He may do some things we don’t like as I just mentioned above, but we are going to see him improve much quicker with this opportunity that he has.

-Too early to call it Quinn’s corner? Probably, but let’s keep it in mind.

-Aidan Igiehon is making the most of his minutes. He only got five yesterday, but he still made an impact. On maybe his first defensive possession, he caught up to his man rolling to the basket and was active enough that the ball deflected off of the offense and we got a turnover. He had a big dunk on a no-look pass from Carlik and he also had one block and one steal. He is playing his role well so far and appears to be a really good teammate in spite of the lack of minutes.

-Seton Hall had 16 offensive rebounds. Louisville had eight.

-Louisville had nine assists and six of them belonged to Carlik Jones.

-The Cards were 2/14 from three. Who is going to be that guy to knock down some shots from deep? It seems like Quinn is usually in position to benefit from Carlik or DJ drives, but will he knock them down consistently? He was 1/4 yesterday and 1/3 against Evansville. The only other player on the roster with multiple threes made is Carlik Jones. He is 2/3.

-I noticed that the PA announcer said the final score was Seton Hall 70, Louisville 71. While correct, can we say the winning score first? Or am I being too needy?

-Overall, good win for the Cards. I am really enjoying seeing these young guys get meaningful minutes and watching Carlik be the floor general. Let’s finish the weekend with a 3-0 start on Sunday.

-As always, thanks for reading and checking out the film review. Go Cards!

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