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Let’s Get This Pigskin Party Started

OK, so the Fighting Schnells of Florida Atlantic have had their game with Southern Miss postponed/cancelled.

Les Miles has come down with the COVID.

Baylor has suspended football operations for a bit.

The health czars in Colorado have given the Buffs approval to start practice.

And the Brigade in Annapolis will be in Navy-Marine Corps Stadium to watch the Middies battle the Owls of Temple.

So it goes.

The yin and yang of football — and life — in this Year of Our Lord 2020. Though it’s hardly in balance. Much more yin — the dark side — than yang.

But we’ve got college pigskin to savor. Thank you, Bronconakurskius, Greek God of Gridiron.

* * * * *

I’ve always loved when my Louisville Cardinals play early.

First regional final, first semi-final. Noon kickoff.

Why wait around, let’s get the party started.

So, after a week off, I’ve been anxiously looking forward to the-night-before-7:00pm-Friday-kickoff against the Ramblin’ Wreck.

Though I intend to break one of my steadfast rules of watching the Cards on TV.

I never flip over to other games during timeouts, when the Cards are on. We’ve all got our nervous quirks, right?

But I’m especially interested, for somewhat the same reason, in both the MLB and NBA games tonight.

I’ve never taken to put together, big money pro teams. Like, ya know, the LaBron/ Unibrow Lakers. Or, the let’s-give-Garrit-Cole $300+ XXXillion Yankees.

So, I’m hoping the Devil Rays can send the Bombers back to the Bronx. And, the Heat can stave off elimination. And, I’ll be peeking over during the breaks in Cards’ action, to check up.

Unless, of course, I’m simply too nervous to hit the right button on the clicker.

* * * * *

Though not as big as it’s gonna be in a couple weeks when the B10 is back, Saturday’s slate of game is hugely interesting.

Texas/ Oklahoma in the Red River Desperation Bowl.

Hokies/ Tar Heels in a Top 20 ACC clash.

Jimbo Fisher’s latest chance to prove he’s worth $300+ bazillion to Aggie fans against the Gators.

And, that’s just during the noon window.

Vols vs. Bulldogs. Cyclones vs. Red Raiders. Johnny Rebs vs. Wildcats. Lane vs. Nick.

And a litmus test for the surging U in Death Valley.

See my prognostications here.

The only thing left to figure out is when to call Bennie Impellizzeri and tell him to put my sausage/green pepper/onion/ mushroom Original in the oven?

Praying yet another real life twist and turn doesn’t break and insinuate itself in a day of respite.

— c d kaplan