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Caleb Banks Commits To Louisville Football

Louisville is back at it on the recruiting trail.

Notre Dame v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

After a long break the Louisville football staff got another commitment for the 2021 recruiting class. Caleb Banks is a 3-star Defensive Linemen from Michigan who announced his commitment today after decommitting from Arizona State last week. Banks is the 22nd member of the class and was recruited by Norval McKenzie and Mark Ivey. He was high school teammates with 2020 Wide Receiver commit Christian Fitzpatrick.

Banks is a big kid at 6-6/255 and his frame has plenty of room to add bulk. He’s the type of long athlete that the staff has placed a premium on and he has multiple plays on his highlight film where he chases plays outside of his area. On those plays you can see that he can open it up and really move well.

Another thing that stands out is that Banks looks plenty good on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe the staff views him as a guy that they can bring in and figure out where to play once he gets here. Jamon Brown is the guy that sticks out in my mind where the staff figured things out after the fact. Banks could be a guy who can play Nose on defense or maybe Defensive End on early downs and Nose in passing situations. Dwayne Ledford could also steal him as a Tackle.

I like him on the Defensive Line, personally. He does a good job rushing off the edge. I really like that he has the understanding that Offensive Linemen will try to get their hands inside his pads and he knows how to disrupt that. He also shows an ability to “get skinny” when he’s crashing down into the line and he collapses the line. We all know that Bryan Brown’s scheme asks the line to disrupt things up front by slanting and crashing. Banks seems to do well with that in his Junior year film below.