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Louisville unveils “Blackout” uniforms for Halloween game vs. Virginia Tech

Spooky season is here.

The Louisville video and marketing team has really been playing up the creepiness this week as the Cardinals prepare for their Halloween “Blackout” game against Virginia Tech on Saturday.

First, there were a couple of short, spooky tease videos giving us glimpses of the all-black unis U of L will be sporting for the game. Then, Tuesday night, Card Chronicle favorite Justin Marshall starred in this incredibly well done video shot at the creepiest place in the state, Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Terrifying, but awesome. We’ll find out how all this affects the Justin Marshall Touchdown Alert Level on Saturday.

You got a pretty good luck at the Blackout unis in that video, but in case you were having trouble focusing or keeping your eyes open, U of L gave us a full look at the uniforms on Wednesday:

If this is what it takes to finally break the old curse of the black No. 18 Art Carmody jersey, then so be it.