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Flashback Friday Film Review: Louisville vs. Tennessee (2001)


Reece Gaines #22 Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For the next few weeks leading up to the start of the college basketball season, I hope to do one of these posts each week and just do some film review with an old UofL game. It will obviously be a little different than when I do them in the current season. No one will be looking for tendencies or what the team needs to improve on for future games, so it’s a little lighter version of what I attempt to do during the season. At any rate, hopefully it’s somewhat enjoyable to see some old UofL clips.

First up, UofL vs Tennessee from December 20, 2001.

Quick Hitters

-This was Rick Pitino’s first season at UofL. The Cards entered the game 7-1 and Tennessee was 5-3.

-Starters for Louisville: Reece Gaines, Alhaji Mohammed, Erik Brown, Ellis Myles, Joseph N’Sima.

-So we know how this game ends, but my word, it started out the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. With 15:39 left to play in the first half, UofL was up 3-2 and the teams were a combined 2-16 from the field. It was brutal to watch early on. If I didn’t know how it ended, I may have stopped watching.

-Louisville finished the game 7/31 from three. So yes, that means they were 4/28 before the flurry at the end, which makes it even more incredible.

-Reece Gaines was 2/11 from three before the last two. Shooters shoot.

-After the Bryant Northern three, watch Marcus Haislip for Tennessee. He ends up scoring on the other end and I never noticed this before. He raises his fist in celebration all the way down court, and although Reece went one on five, take a look at who the shot was really over. You can probably guess.

-Two of Louisville’s best players in this game were Carlos Hurt and Brandon Bender. Hurt finished with 10 points and five assists and Bender had six points, six rebounds, two big blocks at the rim, and numerous hustle plays that got the crowd into the game. What could have been.

-Luke Whitehead did not play in this game because his fall had just happened. You know which one I am talking about.

-Nothing like Freedom Hall. Nothing.

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