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Homefield Apparel launches new Louisville Cardinals Collection

Save money on some awesome Card Wear just by being a CC reader.

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Homefield Apparel and Card Chronicle are excited to debut a new partnership that kicks off today, Oct. 17, 2020 with the apparel company’s unveiling of its first line of Louisville Cardinals gear.

Indianapolis-based collegiate apparel brand Homefield Apparel digs through the archives to find thoughtful, unique vintage logos and print them on the most comfortable tees and hoodies you’ll ever wear. Now, Homefield is finally debuting their new Louisville Cardinals collection, and as a Card Chronicle reader, you get a special deal.

Relive your favorite U of L memories and logos by shopping Homefield’s new Cardinal collection at the link below. To even make the deal sweeter, as a Card Chronicle reader you get a special discount - use code “CARDCHRONICLE” to get 20 percent off your first purchase.


Over the last two years, I think I’ve bought seven shirts and a hoodie from Homefield, not knowing that they would eventually launch a Louisville line and partner with the site/podcast. Even if they never had, I would have kept shopping there because their shirts are incredibly soft and their designs are uniquely awesome.

I think you all are going to really enjoy this gear (Dunking Cardinal Bird with sunglasses is a no-brainer purchase), and I’d love to see us get to the top of this list.

This is for Lamar Jackson and Bobby Petrino’s 2015 clock management, Auburn.