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After the Buzzer: Florida State

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-Well this was another clunker, and it wasn’t any better to watch the second time. It was actually worse, as you may expect.

-First off, there were several mistakes on defense. Before we jump to just saying “the entire defense was awful” we need to realize that one mistake can break down an entire defense. That could be getting beat off the dribble and then everyone else is scrambling to help because the first guy got beat. It could be helping off of someone when there is already help, so you shouldn’t have left your man to begin with. All it takes is one player not doing his job and the entire unit can look out of sorts. That happened a lot against FSU.

-Relating to that, I’ll just say that a lot of it was David Johnson and Samuell Williamson. So if you want the freshmen to play and “take their lumps” so they can improve, then that’s what you are going to get sometimes. They played, and they made multiple mistakes on defense and it did cost them a lot of points. Now of course it could come back to help later on if they learn from it and apply what they learn. So in no way am I saying that they shouldn’t play. Just saying that freshmen that play significant minutes can usually score but do get lost on defense. That was the case here.

-Jordan Nwora assist/turnover watch: He had zero assists and four turnovers this game, bringing his season totals to 17 assists and 35 turnovers.

-The 32 points and 10 rebounds were a decent improvement from the previous game though.

-David Johnson did do some good things while he was in there. He grabbed six rebounds (four offensive) and dished out three assists. He just struggled to score, going 2-9 from the field.

-Josh Nickelberry got in the game for one possession and dribbled the ball 19 times. It ended with a Jordan Nwora three after a desperation heave from Fresh Kimble, which made for an entertaining play. But you can’t get your opportunity to get some playing time and spend it all dribbling.

-Louisville needed that second scorer to get going and just never got it. Enoch finished with 10 points, but the other three starters (Sutton, Perry, Kimble) only combined to score 15 on 6-22 shooting.

-Forget about size matchups. Florida State just looked like the tougher team that wanted it more. They were on the floor or chasing the ball out of bounds. They seemed more into it. They found the open man and played good team basketball. With how they played, FSU deserved the road win.

-10 days off before the Kentucky game and then a week off before this game have made this seem brutal. So glad we were able to fit a bowl win in there at least. Louisville has to get back on track against a Miami team that is coming off of a 33-point loss to Duke. Now you have games on Tuesday, Saturday, and next Tuesday. Hopefully they can get into some kind of rhythm.

-This feels like a very negative post, and I guess it is. I literally just finished watching the game again, so it’s all still frustrating. Not that it can be super positive after our team just lost. I just hope the guys can get something going against Miami and get this thing back on the right track. Plus these are much more fun to do after a win!

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