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Louisville Obliterates Notre Dame 86-54

The Cards stay undefeated in the ACC

Photo Credit: University of Louisville WBB Official Twitter Account

Notre Dame came into this game with an uncharacteristically bad 7-13 record which might make you believe that beating the ever loving snot out of them might be less satisfying. You would be wrong though. In fact if you were watching and saw Jeff go DEEP, deep into the bench early in the 3rd quarter and the lead actually growing against Notre Dame’s starters you would probably feel extremely satisfied.

Kylee Shook had 6 rebounds and 6 blocked shots (although it felt like she had 60.) Yacine Diop came off the bench to grab 9 rebounds to which she added 9 points and 7 assists. Dana Evans was the leading scorer for the Cards with 17 points to which she added 6 assists.

After the game Coach Walz told Nick Curran, “I was really pleased with the way we came in here with our mental approach and what we had to do. We got up 16 in the first quarter and if we cut down the very well could’ve been a 20 point game at the end of the first quarter.” Instead the Cards only had a 17 point lead going into halftime.

He said, “It was nice to give everybody an opportunity. There were a lot of minutes out there played by a lot of people. That’s something you really want to try and do in games like this.” He added, “Dana only had to play 27 minutes. Next up is 25 for Jazmine. Elizabeth played about 20.”

He said of Jessica Laemmle, “I’ve never had to tell a kid to shoot the ball more than I’ve got to tell her. I told her my coach never had to tell me to shoot twice. Instead she thinks she’s going to shot fake and blow by somebody, and I’m like Jess just shoot the ball. She had two travels just because she was stubborn!”

Next up Louisville plays an exhibition against Team USA. Dana Evans said that they want to “have fun and soak it all up and just try to learn from the best.” She said that they are going to watch them practice tomorrow. Coach Walz said, “That’s going to be our practice is to watch them...I know the national team will give back and they’ll answer any questions our players might have.” He added, “Everybody is going to get the opportunity to play. Our fans are going to be in for a treat seeing some of the best players in the world.” The game is this Sunday at 2:00.