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Check out the official “You Don’t Want These Cards” music video featuring Denny Crum

You still don’t want them.

It’s been a few years since B Simm first let the world know that it did not, in fact, want these Cards. Now, with the U of L basketball team riding a seven-game winning streak and sitting alone in first in the ACC standings, he’s back to remind everyone of this indisputable fact.

The official 2020 music video for “You Don’t Want These Cards” features guest spots from Patrick Henry Hughes, Mario Urrutia, Tony Williams, Lorenzo Mauldin, Gary the Redbird, and — IN A SPEAKING ROLE — Denny Crum himself.

Check out the premiere of the video, shot by Hatfield Media, right here:

You never knew how badly you needed to hear Denny Crum say “you don’t want these Cards” until you actually have it happen for the first time.

Official You Don’t Want These Cards merch is licensed through the NCAA, printed by MPC promotions, and can be purchased at, any of the three JD Becker locations, or at Mine & Yours inside the Mall St. Matthews.

Louisville fans have been loving anthems ever since the original “R U Ready” (which also featured B Simm), so it’s nice to see the tradition continue.

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