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The Cardinal Countdown: 26 Days Until Kickoff

TCU v Louisville

#26 Chris Taylor-Yamanoha

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/186

Position: Wide Reciever

Hometown: Rohnert Park, CA

Twitter: @christayami

Thoughts: My man CTY has been sliding back and forth so much from the offense to the defense and then back to the offense that his wedding dance moves are guaranteed to be on point (Boogie woogie, woogie). Chris has been moved around a little because he has the size and the talent to be a contributor, but the previous staff was constantly looking for a spot to put him in. I mentioned this back during the previous wideouts but the challenge for these two/three year guys is that Louisville is very deep and very talented in that position group. The guys they’ve lost the last couple years have either gotten sniffs from the NFL or are currently on an active roster, and the two or three guys who are projected to be leaders in that group in 2019 will likely also get opportunities to play at the next level. We’re not talking mid-major talent here, these are legit wideouts that are likely All-ACC candidates this year with a competent QB and a balanced rushing attack. This is one of the few groups that Satterfield is getting major upgrade in from his time at App State.

Heading into the fall CTY was listed on the 3 deep at the X wideout position behind Dez and Justin Marshall. While significant reps will be hard to come by at the spot I have no doubt Taylor-Yamanoha will see action this year at wideout and potentially on special teams. I understand that experience sometimes gets downplayed when a new staff comes in with a new playbook and new expectations, but having played at the D-I level for three seasons now is nothing to scoff at, and some of the lessons learned over the last three years will absolutely translate for Taylor-Yamanoha. Coach Brewer has some studs in the room, and having guys like CTY, Spence, and Josh Johnson that aren’t currently in your two deep is pretty incredible and shows at least one position group was being recruited consistently over the last few years. This is the season that this group has to step up and help get the offense back into a position where they are feared. In the matter of a year they went from the A.F.R.O.S. to the so-sos, and that has to change.

Sweet Tweet:

That ain’t a joke….this is a joke….

Deshaun Watson and Lamar are sitting around chatting about their first couple years in the NFL. Watson says “It’s been fun, lots of success but plenty of things to work on”. Lamar agreed and said “Yep, plenty of highs and lows, but I prefer to focus on the highs, man”

The “highs, man”….get it? (I came up with this in 10 minutes at 11:15pm on a Saturday, give me a break)