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The Cardinal Countdown: 29 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v South Florida Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

#29 Tabarius Peterson

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-3/252

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Tucker, GA

Twitter: @tpduckin

Thoughts: Peterson, just like the other four year players, will be suiting up for his fourth…yes, FOURTH defensive coordinator in his time here on campus. The redshirt Junior committed to Grantham back in July of 2015 and took a redshirt under his guidance in 2016. TP then got a sprinkle of Sirmon in 2017 and a boatload of BVG in 2018. Year four Peterson is now a believer in the message new DC Bryan Brown is bringing to the table. While we have learned over the course of the last few months that Browns defensive “scheme” is a bit fluid, with lots of movement in the front seven, we at least know that the Cards base package will resemble that of a 3-4 more so than anything else. What that means for Peterson, who is almost exclusively on the line now, is that spots up front are limited and Brown needs a combination of experience and athleticism to lead the charge.

If Spring ball was any indication as to where Brown may be looking, Peterson should be feeling pretty good heading into the fall. While not exclusive just yet, Peterson took the majority of the reps with what outsiders would consider the first team defense during the February/March practices and was listed as a starter on the “unofficial” official depth chart a couple weeks back. Peterson, playing on the edge impressed the staff with his drive and showed signs of the fight they’re looking for according to Brown. When Peterson was brought into the program he was an athlete who just so happened to have the body of a front seven player. Recruited as a linebacker Peterson made the move to the line early but still showed flashes of having speed/agility that resembled that of someone who could play coverage if needed. I haven’t seen any workout rankings this year but I know Peterson was always one of the Top 2-3 performers in the Power group in 40 times, broad jump, etc.

In looking back at some tape from last season there were a few times Peterson showed he was still 100% committed to making plays even when others may have allowed frustration to creep in. He finished the season second on the team in tackles for loss and tied for first with a couple sacks. I gave you all this highlight below a couple weeks back, but instead of watching it in pure frustration this time I now see a DE taking a decent angle on an agile QB, going full speed the whole play, and eventually hunting him down from behind, likely saving a touchdown…

That ‘never quit’ mindset will be needed a good amount this season and I look for Peterson to be one of the ring leaders in the Bryan Brown circus.

Sweet Tweet:

I hit a PR last week as well. Mine also involved very heavy weight and some random screaming. Mine was more so directed at a scale instead of a weight bench but hey, a PR is a PR, know what I mean?!

I got 29 days to get back in fighting shape guys. Get off my back!