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The Cardinal Countdown: 2 Days Until Kickoff

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

#2 Chandler Jones

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 5-10/179

Position: Defensive Back

Hometown: Miami, FL

Twitter: @1OfficialCJ

Thoughts: Chandler came into the program as a freshman with a laundry list of accolades to rival anyone else in the class. A four star recruit in two major services, an Under Armour (click clack) All-American, and rated one of the top corners in the entire state of Florida. Chandler had more ACC and SEC offers than Louisville has wideouts on the roster, and he chose the Cards to further his career.

As a freshman, I got to be real with you all, Chandler played in eleven games (injury in other) and made four starts, but his play was a little all over the place. Sometimes he’s make an open field tackle or would break up a well thrown ball and I’d give him a solid double clap and a “lets go” cheer from the comfort of my couch. Other times though he looked like a true freshman playing in a defense that wasn’t quite sure what they were doing (imagine that). Heading into 2019 I penciled in PJ Mbanasor as a starter opposite Anthony Johnson or Sturghill. To see Jones work his tail off all spring and earn those #1 reps, then hold onto them over the summer, and now hold onto them during the fall, that’s pretty damn impressive. Battling a fifth year senior in Mbansor is no easy task and I have to tip my cap to Jones for his work. I trust this staff and Coach Brown specifically because he has proven he can produce results. Jones has a trail of evidence to prove he can play at this level and I’m excited about what the staff and weight training program can do to get him to the next level. Jones is one of the leaders of the “underclassmen” who are pushing right now for playing time. On the Week 1 depth chart Jones is one of 7 players who are on the top line and only in their second year of eligibility. A great sign for the future.

Sweet Tweet:

College football on two nights in a row, first full Saturday of games, Cards play Monday….I’m flying up there with you CJ.


#2 Devante Peete

Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-6/205

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Pompano Beach, FL

Twitter: @dp5_MT

Thoughts: Some players just seem to stick out to some of us as fans and for whatever reason Devante Peete has been one of those guys for me. I’m not sure if it was some of the hype surrounding the tall and athletic wideout from Florida or the way he burst onto the scene with his buddy Lamar Jackson back in the Auburn game in 2016 but Peete has been someone I’ve followed closely during his career at UofL. While the casual fan still may not be all that familiar with Peete, the rest of us crazy people know that while he may not be a front page wideout he’s been a key piece of the special teams for many years. After battling back from an ACL injury I thought Peete would eventually get some solid reps at wide receiver in 2018 and finally start catching some dang balls. That he did.

Peete finished with a career high 21 catches last year for 250 yards (11.9 yd/rec average) appearing in 11 games, including his time on special teams. Like I talked about all summer the wide receiver group is deep but Peete is one of the guys who is a veteran in that room and has been a captain (special teams) for a few years. I think Satterfield along with Coach Brewer (WR) and Coach Holt (ST) know they have a unique talent with experience in Peete and will try to get him on the field as often as they can. Don’t be surprised if his final season in red and black produces a few more career high totals.

Sweet Tweet:

From September of 2016, but probably rings more true even today than it did back then. This team isn’t a quick fix. It will take some time, but trust the process. Satterfield will get it going. Have patience, watch the development, and hopefully enjoy a few more wins here and there along the way.