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Louisville Football Recruiting Board

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Central Arkansas v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Scott Satterfield and his staff have a daunting task ahead of them as they try to rebuild the Louisville football roster. I thought it would be a good idea to start a running post on the roster and how they might go about filling the spots. It’s a bit of a mix between a recruiting board and an ongoing look at how each position is playing through the year.

Louisville has somewhere between 6-8 spots left in the recruiting class and I think they will use some of those to address positions needs as the season starts and they get a better feel for everyone. I’ll update this post through the season and I’ll change the date as it gets updated. I’ll change the notes as well as what recruits they might be targeting and how many guys I see them taking at each spot.



Additions: Chubba Purdy, Tee Webb

Losing: None

The quarterback spot has the potential to finally get to where Scott Satterfield and Frank Ponce want it from a numbers standpoint. It was made clear early on that they want five guys at quarterback but they didn’t really specify if they want five “scholarship” guys. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Malik Cunningham playing a different position next year but even if he’s still in the QB room, they’re in solid shape with the guys they have coming in.

Recruits (0):




As of now, Louisville hasn’t landed a running back for the 2020 class. They’ve gone pretty hard after a few guys so it’s obvious that they are looking to add at least one guy. While the position doesn’t look to be losing anyone this year, a guy like Dae Williams could decide to move on if he doesn’t get much playing time this year.

Recruits (1):


Additions: Dexter Rentz, Braden Smith (JUCO)

Losing: Seth Dawkins, Emonee Spence, Devante Peete, Thomas Jackson

The Cards lost a handful of receivers to transfer after the coaching change and ended up in a position where they might actually be a little under where they want to be next year. They’ve added a couple of guys who fit in the slot but they still have work to do to add some outside receivers. Rentz is an “athlete” in the class and plays running back for his high school so it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to actually be an option there.

Recruits (2):


Additions: Duane Martin, Desmond Daniels

Losing: Jordan Davis, Ean Pfeifer

The staff has done an admirable job getting to a solid number at the tight end spot but they will enter the offseason with just three scholarship tight ends on the roster. The group has two positions with h-back being pretty much set with four guys that fit that spot. Daniels is probably the only guy that fits as the “Y” position as of now but Dez Melton has the potential to bulk up and play the spot. I still think they need to get one more guy that is a true tight end to get the numbers right.

Recruits (1):


Additions: Timothy Lawson, Trevor Reid (JUCO), Kobe Baynes, Luke Kandra, Austin Collins

Losing: Ronald Rudd, Tyler Haycraft

Scott Satterfield took over a roster that had major issues at offensive line with only 8 scholarship linemen on the roster at the time. The staff addressed the needs quickly with four additions to the group in the 2019 class. They’ve done even better with five new guys in the 2020 class, including Trevor Reid as a JUCO guy that can contribute immediately.

Recruits (0):


Additions: Henry Bryant, Jared Dawson, Dezmond Tell

Losing: G.G. Robinson, Amonte Caban, Ty Tyler, Gary McCrae

The defensive front has some experience this year but they will need to replace two starters next year plus Ty Tyler who was brought in to provide depth and help with the pass rush. As of now, the staff has landed two guys that I think will play at the nose position in Henry Bryant and Dezmond Tell. Jared Dawson seems to fit one of the end positions better but I do think that all three guys fit the scheme very well and at least one of these guys should be an option as a rotation guy.

Recruits (1):


Additions: Marvin Dallas, Kameron Wilson, Zay Peterson, Khatavian Franks,

Losing: Boosie Whitlow, Damien Smith, T.J. Holl

The linebacker group should be in great shape next year with the potential to bring back all four starters. T.J. Holl will provide great depth this year but they should be in good shape with Dorian Jones and Robert Hicks next year. I still think they need to add a guy that can play inside, however.

Recruits (2)


Additions: Ronald Delancey

Losing: Cornelius Sturghill, P.J. Mbansaor,

The cornerback position is key in Bryan Brown’s defense and he walked into a pretty good situation because he has a lot of options. The mix of veteran guys and young guys like Chandler Jones and Anthony Johnson will allow him to find his best combination while not having to find an impact recruit at the position for next year. Ronald Delancey was the first commitment in this class and I think he could be the last addition at the spot.

Recruits (0):

Quadric Bullard

Louisville got an official visit from Quadric Bullard for the EKU game on 9/7. Bullard is committed to UCF and has offers from Iowa State, Utah State, and FIU.

Lovie Jenkins

Scott Satterfield stated after the Notre Dame game that recruits that were committed elsewhere had reached out to the coaching staff after the game after seeing the team play and the atmosphere. Coincidentally, Dexter Rentz started tweeting about trying to get his teammate, Jenkins, to flip to UofL. Jenkins made an official visit back in the summer but committed to Tennessee in June. I think Louisville might just have a shot to get him to flip if they continue to play well.


Additions: Josh Minkins

Losing: Khane Pass

The roster doesn’t have a true “need” at the safety spot but I think they will look to add one guy to the room to ensure that they don’t end up in a rough spot down the road. They will only have juniors and seniors on the roster next year so they need to get at least one guy in the room that will bridge the gap. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the staff look to redshirt a guy or two if they can. Telly Plummer and Trenell Troutman had their redshirts burned last year and Plummer can be a candidate to play four games and sit this year.

Recruits (1):

Brian Balom

Balom is made an official visit to Louisville on 9/7 for the Eastern Kentucky game. Balom is a safety out of Florida with offers from Miami, West Virginia, Indiana, and Utah.


Additions: Brock Travelstead

Losing: Blanton Creque, Mason King

The special teams group will need two new guys next year but the staff has already addressed one spot with Brock Travelstead in the class. Aidan Marshall reportedly transferred in from Auburn but as of now there isn’t a punter on the roster behind King. I’m really interested to see if some of the guys listed at kicker will end up at punter. James Turner is a guy that stands out to me as he was a highly rated player at Chris Sailing’s kicking camp.

Recruits (0):