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The Cardinal Countdown: 12 Days Until Kickoff

East Carolina v Louisville

#12 Marlon Character

Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/195

Position: Defensive Back

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @riptizzle

Thoughts: The Cards added quite a few new bodies to the secondary last season in Rodjay Burns, PJ Mbanasaurous Rex, and oh by the way, the #1 JUCO safety in the country in Marlon Character. While Marlon never became a “starter” last year he got reps in eleven games and grabbed 16 tackles. Despite his playing time there were times that Character appeared to be out of position or even somewhat lackadaisical on defense last year, which is tough to swallow, but you could pretty much say that for nearly everyone on that side of the ball in 2018. That changes this year.

If you’re tired of hearing me say “new staff, new opportunities”, I sincerely apologize for the repetition but you’re not gonna believe this….with the new staff, Marlon has a new opportunity to showcase himself as the player that turned down Alabama, played at Auburn, and then made himself the top safety in the country at the Junior College level. Character has the talent, without question, to contribute in the secondary this year. The preliminary depth chart had him and Anthony Johnson battling it out for a backup spot behind Sturghill at corner and while I think Johnson actually ends up winning that job Character and Sturghill will see plenty of reps. Coach Brown mentioned Character by name last week as a guy who was standing out in that group and stepping up at the chance to take on a larger role. The bonus for Marlon is that in taking a freshman redshirt at Auburn Character still has two more seasons of eligibility here at Louisville and can help get this group moving in the right direction.

Sweet Tweet:

Them boys are tired. And by them boys I mean…me. This new baby still doesn’t understand the concept of sleeping when it’s dark outside. I feel like it’s got nine months to figure this thing out and somehow still dropped the ball. Get with the program kid! Oh well, all these late night feedings mean one thing. INFOMERICALS!!! If you’re new around here, I’ve been on the infomercial bandwagon since way back. Check out some of my previous exploits here, or here, or even here, and a little more here and if you still haven’t had enough here and here as well...

Me: Toss me the remote, please. Pretty sure the cornhole championships are coming on the Ocho in a few minutes. Wait…what is this…?

Me: Okay, pretty sure I’ve never needed anything more than these in my entire life. I’m ordering them.

Mrs CardinalStrong: No. These look just like those dumb HD glasses you got a couple years ago. Complete waste, and you look like a dork.

Me: Could not care less, babe. Picture this, me and the kids are driving down the road, all the sudden I get smacked with God’s glare on my worthless sunglasses and next thing you know I’m swerving to miss an 18 wheeler headed right at my grill plate. Bout died.

Mrs. CardinalStrong: Don’t bring the kids into this to try and sway me. Unless you’re toting them around in a humvee in the desert I think you’re $19.99 specials from Meijer will work just fine.

Me: Maybe I need to replay the commercial for you. With these babies on I’m spotting invisible 18 wheelers, I’m spotting snipers on a perch 200 yards out, I’m spotting bald freakin’ eagles with American flags whippin’ in the wind popping up outta nowhere!! It’s a wrap, babe. ORDER IT!


Me: I really don’t care what we watch, but if I see this episode of Real Housewives again I may lose my mind. Please, just turn it onto something else so-….wait, hold up.

Me: Yeah, yeah. I’m all about that WaxVac life. Lets get one.

Mrs. CardinalStrong: Not a chance. The Q-tips are fine.

Me: Did you just see what I saw? My man touched his frontal lobe with that cotton swab death trap. We need to shut those down now. Tell the kids to stop using them, get this thing ordered.

Mrs. CardinalStrong: What we have works, and you’re not spending twenty dollars on a shop vac to stick in your ear.

Me: Huh?

Mrs. CardinalStrong: What we have is fine. We’re not getting it.

Me: What?

Mrs. CardinalStrong: I said, what we have is-......…’re a real jerk.

Me: Sorry, can’t hear ya. God willing I’ll be able to hear the operator when I give them a call and ORDER IT!