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SB Nation releases first Fan Pulse top 25

Louisville does not make an appearance.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 27 Clemson at Florida State Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last month we talked about SB Nation’s new Fan Pulse project, and to the delight of our bosses, a healthy number of you signed up to participate.

With the preseason top 25 ballots from members of communities across the SB Nation network now tabulated, here’s the first Fan Pulse top 25 for the 2019 college football season:

One of the interesting things about this project is going to be comparing the votes of our community with the aggregate votes of the rest of the college football fan world.

As far as week one is concerned, well, there’s not a whole lot of difference between our top and the official top 25. In fact, all 25 teams are the same, and there isn’t a single team whose ranking in the CC poll is more than one spot different in the consensus poll.

Here’s how CC members voted:

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Georgia

4. Oklahoma

5. Ohio State

6. Michigan

7. Notre Dame

8. Florida

9. Texas

10. Texas A&M

11. LSU

12. Washington

13. Oregon

14. Penn State

15. UCF

16. Utah

17. Wisconsin

18. Auburn

19. Iowa

20. Northwestern

21. Iowa State

22. Miami

23. Michigan State

24. Nebraska

25. Virginia Tech

If you’d like to have your voice heard in the latest Fan Pulse, sign up here.