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The Cardinal Countdown: 18 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Rutgers Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

#18 Justin Marshall

Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-3/212

Position: Wide Reciever

Hometown: Conyers, GA

Twitter: @JusMarshall

Thoughts: I’m giddy about Marshall this year. Is a guy in his upper 30’s supposed to be “giddy” about something? Who knows, but I really don’t care. Marshall is a young man who can absolutely produce in this offense if/when the opportunity arises.

I won’t rehash the whole story but for those who forgot Marshall is likely on campus due in large part to the local superstar DeVante Parker. Marshall was a huge fan of #9 and fell in love with the school watching him dominate folk’s season after season. I made the joke last year that the easy way out was to just compare Marshall to Parker and just be done with it but in all seriousness, they do have many similarities which is why Justin looked to him as a role model on how to perfect the craft. Marshall has good size at 6-3/212 which is nearly identical to Parker’s size in his final year here. Marshall cut his teeth on special teams last season and saw time in nine games, this season the playing time will still be tough to come by sitting behind Dez but Satterfield will absolutely get Marshall on the field, he’s just too large a weapon to not see some reps. I think ideally he would be a redzone threat but Dawkins and Fitz are tough to pull off in that situation.

In my mind Marshall learns from the vets again this year, sees a good amount of time, and then becomes a starter his final two seasons here.

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I’ll share some foods with others no problem, but give my ice cream the side eye and I will cut someone.


#18 Ty Tyler

Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-3/260

Position: Defensive Line

Hometown: Punta Gorda, FL

Twitter: @TireonT

Thoughts: One of the things the Cards needed help on from last year was a guy who could create pressure up front and get into the backfield. While I think there are a couple guys on the roster currently who can do that I was glad to see the staff target someone who has already proven he can do it. Ty Tyler was added to the squad back in late June and arrived on campus a few weeks ago ready to make an impact.

Coach Brown highlighted Tyler’s ability to create havoc, while playing at Marshall he had over 20 tackles for loss and over 13 sacks. He will need to replicate that aggressiveness to help the defense move from one of the worst in the country in creating negative plays. Brown did say that Tyler needs some conditioning, coming into the program late, but I have no doubt that if he doesn’t crack the starting rotation by Game 1 he will be heavily in the mix before conference play starts.

Huge pickup for the team on that side of the ball, and a good vet to teach some of the younger guys in the trenches.

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Tweets from Ty Ty are locked up so let’s throw down another episode of your favorite summer series.

Season 1, Episode 9 of “Hi, My Name is…”

Hi, My Name Is: Mark Ivey

I grew up in: Collinsville, VA

I played football: Appalachian State (LB/DL)

I previously coached at: Appalachian State (Defensive Line/Asst Head Coach)

I am now the: Defensive Line/Asst Head Coach

I am: Married, with three daughters

Fun Fact: Ivey was actually the interim coach for App State after Satterfield accepted the Louisville job leading them to a Bowl win over Middle Tennessee State (45-13). He has helped field a Top 20 defense multiple times and is known for a team that pressures the ball, something Louisville desperately needs help with.

CardinalStrong says: Ivey is a guy who went to App State, got his coaching break at the high school level, then came back to the school and stuck around for over nine seasons in various roles. Ivey has a good reputation for getting players to buy into the scheme being run and knowing the ins and outs of defensive line play. I think Ivey can help the existing guys on the roster but more importantly pinpoint the type of player they are looking for in the seasons to come. It’s easy to point at Ivey as a tag along from the prior staff but I think Louisville is lucky that his loyalty to Satterfield and his passion to coach at this level outweighed the opportunity he had to remain at his alma mater. Glad to have him on board.