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The Cardinal Countdown: 19 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

#19 Hassan Hall

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-0/198

Position: Running Back

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Twitter: @Sayblackboyyy

Thoughts: One of the cool things about college football is that someone can burst onto the scene in one full season, or less, and suddenly the next year they are a bonafide star in the making. Hassan Hall was recruited as an athlete who had the potential to play on either side of the ball for Louisville (RB/S). Petrino did the smart thing and stole him for the offense…..then decided to not to really use him all that much at the running back position early on. In the first four games he only got 7 carries, then against FSU he realized maybe he could be of use to the team. He got 11 rushes for 57 yards and the Hassan Hall train was starting to move. Full disclosure, he didn’t light the world on fire the rest of the year but after the first four games he finished with a 4.29yd/att average, was a threat in the passing game, and was one of the most trustworthy backs in the group.

The one area Petrino did utilize Hall as a threat from Day 1 was as a kick returner. I said last year on this very post that Hall’s speed was so impressive it could hurt even the fastest and most dominant teams. Anyone else feel as if Alabama and Clemson both fall into that category? Well, I didn’t check the record books on this one but I would guess Hassan is the only player last year to have a 60+ yard return on both of those squads, who ended up squaring off for the national championship.

Bama…you get the rocket first.

Clemson…you’re up next.

Hall has speed to burn and in the Satterfield offense that is a huge bonus for a coach who is looking to punish teams on the ground, specifically outside the tackles. If Hall is the premier back (a term I keep using but Satterfield has never really uttered) I think Hawkins and the bruiser (Dae or Robbins) split the other 50% of the carries. With that said though, the last four years App State has not had less than 402 attempts from that group for the entire season (2018: 417, 2017: 421, 2016: 402, 2015: 481). In comparison Louisville has not had over 246 attempts from that same group in the last four years (2018: 228, 2017: 243, 2016: 244, 2015: 246). Things are a changin’ folks, and I think Hall is a legit threat at the 1,000 yard mark this season. At a minimum I would be shocked if he doesn’t go for over 800, if he stays healthy, and will be a big boost to the passing game as well.

The other good news is that Satterfield doesn’t appear to be over thinking his role in the return game either as he is still listed as the #1 option as a kick returner. I think he can excel at both this year and become one of the biggest offensive threats for Louisville, not named Lamar Jackson, in quite some time.

Sweet Tweet:

“I see the drip…but you gotta be about that three strip life, bro”

Do I do that right?