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The Cardinal Countdown: 20 Days Until Kickoff

Connecticut v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#20 Trenell Troutman

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 5-11/187

Position: Defensive Back

Hometown: Miami, FL

Twitter: @FlyyNell

Thoughts: There are lots of cool stories in college football. Some of them are impactful on a national level, like the one of Tyler Trent last year, while others are just cool regional pieces that may only resonate locally. The story on Troutman, I think, is pretty cool. Trenell was a target for the Cards back as a Junior in high school (and likely before then, undocumented) and really fell in love with the tram and the University early in the process. Troutman was a good player at that time and committed to Cort Dennison back in 2016, almost 2 years before he could ever see a snap at Cardinal Stadium. Fast forward a year and Dennison is now gone, and Troutman has blossomed into a full blown 4 star corner who is getting looks from Power 5 schools all over the east coast. Troutman kept his commitment to the Cards and came into the program last year ready to make some waves.

Even though he appeared in nine games Troutman was limited in his impact statistically. The defense struggled, Troutman didn’t get a ton of opportunities and things were….not great. Fast forward once again and now Troutman has the coach he committed to back in the fold (Dennison), and is looking to push Russ Yeast at Strong Safety for playing time. While Yeast has been making headlines in the offseason don’t sleep on Trenell pushing him daily to see the field. In my opinion, if Russ turns into the guy many thought he would be out of high school Coach Brown may be forced to slide Trenell to another spot just to get him on the field, he’s that talented. It wasn’t all that long ago that Louisville had one of the best secondary’s in the country, I think 2019 is a stepping stone to help get them back in that conversation.

Sweet Tweet:

It’s 2019. Who is still calling people on the telephone? My phone rings unexpectedly and there is a 99% chance it’s someone over the age of 60 on the other end. #HiMom