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The Cardinal Countdown: 21 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

#21 Aidan Robbins

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/225

Position: Running Back

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Manual High School)

Twitter: @theaidanrobbins

Thoughts: When I highlighted Robbins back during the early signing period I pointed out two areas of importance that are still 100% accurate today. The importance of keeping a talented local recruit, and the significance of pulling in a larger back to counter punch the quickness of Hall and Hawkins.

Robbins missed a good portion of his senior season with a shoulder injury, the same injury that kept him out of Spring ball as well. The good news is that even with limited participation in the Spring Robbins was able to get to school early and start the rehab process, get into the college nutrition program, etc and is now at 100% and fully participating in fall camp. Satterfield spoke about Robbins a couple days ago and how impressed he is with Robbins attitude and performance as a true freshman so far. I spoke on Day 25 about how Coach Satterfield and Coach McKenzie (RB coach) would likely be looking for three guys to help share the load in a run dominant offense, a premiere back of sorts, and a couple other bodies to take anywhere from 40-50% of the load. I think Dae Williams has a shot to be that third body, but as of today, all signs point to Robbins stealing that role out of the gate.

In my personal opinion, if Williams and Robbins are neck and neck during the year I’d rather give Dae the nod right now and let Robbins save a year of eligibility. Can he gain some good experience this year? Absolutely, but my confidence level in him being a special back is high enough that I want him being the #1 or #2 guy for all four years he is playing. A 6-3 225/230lb back with speed and shiftiness is always nice to have, but in the new offense a player like Robbins can become an absolute star. I’d rather have him catching bodies for four years rather than three.

Senior Year Highlights

Sweet Tweet:

Maybe not quite at ‘Irish Hulk’ status but Robbins is ripped up as well, and another freshman who is looking to cause some real problems for Cardinal opponents this year. Tip of the cap to the new training staffs for both programs. I might need to swing by and work off some of this pregnancy weight. Supportive milkshakes are a real thing, people.