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The Cardinal Countdown: 23 Days Until Kickoff

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#23 Telly Plummer

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-0/202

Position: Defensive Back

Hometown: Riverdale, GA

Twitter: @tempp16

Thoughts: Even though Telly Plummer sounds like a midfielder for the England National team, he is in fact a young man from the outskirts of Atlanta, GA who straps them up for the University of Louisville

The Cards fought off multiple Power 5 schools to grab Plummer last offseason and he showed his talent to the staff quickly, earning reps in ten contests last season on special teams and in the secondary. Telly was recruited by many schools as an “athlete” due to his versatility but Louisville had him pinned down in the secondary from the beginning. Recruited as a corner Telly played there almost exclusively in the fall and then through the season I didn’t see or hear of any position changes until earlier this year. The new staff, likely due to depth concerns, shifted Plummer to free safety where he could use his speed to expand his coverage area and potentially move a less “sure fire” tackler to a role where he isn’t asked to bring his man down at the same rate as a corner or nickel.

I went back and watched some high school film on Telly and I do think he’s a solid pickup for that group. Whether he’s at corner or safety he can lock up a certain area of the field with his speed and athleticism alone. I stumbled across this interview of Telly from a podcast out of the Atlanta area. Full disclosure, I didn't get to take in all 42 minutes, but the part I did catch was an interesting look at the life of a recruit and how the process played out for Plummer (fingers crossed they don’t say something extremely inappropriate).

Sweet Tweet:


An extra special edition of “Hi, My Name is…” Been working on this thing for 9 months…

Season 1, Episode 8 of “Hi, My Name is…”

Hi, My Name Is: Baby CardinalStrong #3

I grew up in: Louisville, KY

I played football: In the womb, mostly fullback, born with multiple neck rolls.

I previously coached at: [No previous coaching history]

I am now the: Third child in the CardinalStrong family

I am: Single. Not looking to settle down yet

Fun Fact: There are three children now in the CardinalStrong family and all three have been shared with you during the Countdown during the last eight years. Baby #1 came in the summer 2012, meaning its first full season after birth was the 2012 season that ended with a Sugar Bowl win over Florida. Baby #2 was born during the end of the 2015 season, which meant its first full season was 2016, which included a Top 5 ranking during the year and a Heisman trophy. I’m expecting big things in 2019. No pressure Satterfield.

CardinalStrong says: I think this kid has real potential. Good size out of the womb, showing some solid athleticism and his quick twitch reflexes are top notch. Concerns are his inability to remain composed under pressure and inability to control his bowels…which could wreak havoc on his playing career unless properly trained. In all seriousness though you all, I’m over the moon. Sports are a great distraction and I love the way I can get lost in a game or spend my summers typing thousands of words about football, but this, this is the just the best. Thanks for letting me share it, again.