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Louisville unveils new court design for KFC Yum Center

Alternate headline: Boner Jams 2019-20.

If the hype for the upcoming Louisville men’s and women’s basketball seasons wasn’t enough already, Thursday morning U of L went ahead and dropped a new floor design for the KFC Yum Center that is certain to be met with rousing virtual applause from the bulk of the Cardinal fan base.

Here’s what the Cards will be playing on top of this season:

The Dunking Cardinal Bird is obviously the main attraction here, but it isn’t the entire show. I’m a huge fan of the new black trim, and I also love the subtle incorporation of the fleur-de-lis under each baseline. Overall, this gets an A+ from your faithful narrator.

The court is expected to be ready by the start of the season in November.

This winter is going to be awesome.